Saturday, March 21, 2009

Internet Problems

I shall post more tomorrow. Having a bit of an internet connection problem down here in old Mexico. A technician arrived today to try to figure it out and knew less than I did. I have done everything you would normally do and moved my PC to a friend's place where it works fine. Switched the modem from my place to his and it works fine. The technician insists it is either a problem with the modem, even after I showed him the modem works in a different unit, or is with my PC, even though I explained to him that the reason I could show him the modem worked was because I was using my PC.

Obviously the problem is something other than the modem or my PC. Today is Saturday so, maybe, on Monday they will get someone to actually figure out what is really wrong and fix it.

Tomorrow I will get down to my friend's place again, where I am now, and post something meaningful. Today I am just complaining.