Sunday, March 15, 2009

The After Party

Not too many pictures were taken at this point in the evening. I guess you could say we just lost our focus. Get it, lost focus, no pictures..., jeez I am clever.

We had to make a few minor adjustments to the lights because the one closest to Steve and Allison's patio had already burnt out so we switched it with the one closest to the street.

A Final Adjustment

Dennis was justifiably proud of his handiwork.

See What I Did?

And Katherine was proud of Dennis.

My Hero

Hey, I held the stool. None of this would have been possible without me. But what thanks did I get? Well, actually, my participation was acknowledged and, quite honestly, there is no way I would have climbed up on that stool.

Admiring Our Handiwork

Allison and Steve, but particularly Allison, seemed to get a big kick out or their new lights.

Loving It

Sharon And Paul Admiring The View

And one final picture of Katherine and Dennis under the romantic influence of the, now infamous, red lights.

It Really Is A Romantic Setting

Allison told the lady who was complaining about the lights that she would have them removed but Dennis and I prevailed upon her not to capitulate. If Blue Seas wants to replace the lights they are free to do so. Given the fact that it doesn't look like they replaced the old ones even after they burnt out I am not holding my breath for this to happen. And most people seem to like them

The lady's reason for having the lights replaced was, because, according to her, it makes the place look like a brothel. She must be a real joy around Christmas time, Oh well, it takes all kinds.