Monday, March 16, 2009

A Beachside Brunch

We decided to have a little brunch on the beach yesterday and Bar Man wanted to try a dingy little hole-in-the-wall just a bit north of where we stay.


I have passed this place hundred's of times but never stopped in. It really is an easy place to pass by because it, literally, looks like it is falling down.

Duct Tape And A Prayer

The Bar

The Kitchen Area

The setting is also somewhat suspect. Although it is on the beach, those mats that you see are all that separates it from this lovely little waterway.

Who Knows What Evil Lurks Beneath The Surface

This is just part of the "drainage system" that they have here in Puerto Vallarta. There is a little bridge over it so you can walk along the beach without wading through it. That was what I was standing on when I took the picture. The flow seems to stop right under the bridge so, at least lately, it doesn't actually get into the ocean. I am sure that is not the case during the rainy season though.

There have been an unusually large number of mosquitoes here this year. They are nice big ones too. I haven't been bitten, but the Mysterious Chinese Woman has gotten a few bites. The other night she was complaining about hearing one buzzing around her head when she was trying to sleep. My friend Paul mentioned the same thing. And no, they weren't sleeping together.

I suspect the stagnate water in these drainage ditches provides an ideal breeding ground for the little buggers.

Although the service at Fidencio's was on the slow, near glacial, side, once I got my first beer I didn't mind. Always fun to just sit and people watch. There were mostly Mexicans here today and a few families had little kids that seemed to have great fun playing in the sand.

I ordered a shrimp and octopus coctail and it was, quite probably, the best one I have ever had.

Simply Deveined, Er, Divine

It was served warm, kind of like a soup. The shrimp were as big as my thumb, not those little ones that you usually get, and there were at least eight. The chunks of octopus were large and tender, perfectly cooked. The sauce was tomato based, nice and spicy, with onions, cilantro, and who knows what else. And for 90 pesos, or just a bit over $6 U.S. it was a real steal.

The Mysterious Chinese Woman ordered a fish taco and a shrimp taco. Surprisingly, both the fish and the shrimp were deep-fried. A bit unusual, but they were both excellent.

The Deep-Fried Tacos

You could tell the fish was fresh and the shrimp were nice and tender. No funky old oil taste either. It is obvious that they only prepare something after you order it, so waiting a bit for your food is no big dea.

The Mysterious Chinese Woman Was Pleased

The two beers and the tacos were about $1 U.S. each and the Mysterious Chinese Woman had a glass of orange juice. The whole meal for the two of us, with the beers and including a generous tip, cost about $15 U.S. Now how can you beat a deal like that. And to be able to enjoy a dynamite ocean view to boot.

Today a few of us are heading out to Boca for a day at the beach and maybe dinner as well. This time I promise I will post about the trip. I still have pictures from our last couple of excursions out there that I need to post as well.

Tomorrow, of course, is St. Patrick's Day so I am sure that will be eventful. Almost too much fun, if such a thing is possible.


granola.freeman said...

No such thing as too much fun! : )

Enjoying your posts, looks like all is well down south. I'm a little jealous, but the good news is I'll and hugs to Yumbutt!

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