Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sunset Deck Party

Last night we had another of our little parties out on the deck. I, once again, made my deviled eggs. I never make them the same way twice and this time I used some kind of a thick curry paste, in addition to mustard, creamy horseradish, and mayonaise with a few healthy dashes of a chipotle sauce. They turned out mighty fine, in my opinion. And they all went, so others must have liked them as well.

Bar Man And His Eggs

Everyone brought something, from rice pudding with lingonberry sauce to fried chicken wings. It was a very nice spread, indeed.

Plenty To Go Around

The table only looked pretty for a short time, though, because soon everyone descended on it like vultures on a dead zebra.

Vultures On A Dead Zebra

And Us

Most of the party-goers were dressed in their typical touristy gear. But Ira, who now lives down here full time, seems to have gone native.

Cowboy Ira

We ended the evening with a dessert of jello-shots. Just the thing.

Salud And Slurp

Another fun evening here in lovely Puerto Vallarta. Just a little over a week left before I return home and it seems like I just got here. Still a few fun things planned though, and I really do need to catch up on posting about some of the things I have already done.

Tomorrow morning I go out to a lawyer's office or a bank, not sure which, and finally, after nine years, finalize the trust on this place. In Mexico you can't, if you aren't a Mexican citizen, own land within twenty miles of the ocean or a border. Instead you get a 50 year bank trust that you can renew. If it happens, great. If not, who cares. This time, though, I think it might be for real, they want their money for the closing costs. I will let you know how it turns out.

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