Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Back To Boca

A few of us headed out to spend a quiet afternoon out at Boca De Tomtalan, still a relatively small town at the mouth of the river by the same name. To get there you pick up the bus at the corner by Steve's Sports Bar, pay your 6 pesos, and hope you get a seat.

Always A Crowded Bus

The Mysterious Chinese Woman managed to worm her way into one, while Bar Man stood in the back amongst a group of young surfers who had their boards and buckets of beer.

So Smug

Once we got off the bus we headed down the hill, one-hundred-eleven steps, according to Dennis, to the little town itself.

Down, Down, Down We Go

At the bottom of the hill is a little bodega where you can pick up any last minute supplies that you may have forgotten.

If We Don't Have It, You Don't Get It

There are actually a few more stores and restaurants in town, but it still retains it's old Mexico look and feel.

The Main Drag

But our objective was to just pretty much veg out on the beach, have a few beers, and maybe a bite to eat.

Ah, This Is The Life

We usually stop at the same little outdoor restaurant so by now the proprietor knows us and he went out of his way to accomodate us. Moving tables together, adjusting umbrellas, just generally tending to our needs.

Cerveza, Por Favor

And A Bit Of A Nosh

You still have a few beach vendors coming by, but nothing like back in Puerto Vallarta. Usually I am pretty good at shooing them away, but how could you chase this one off?

So Cute

She actually had something I could use, too. A brightly colored little bag that was just the right size for my camera. I couldn't even bring myself to haggle her down from her asking price of 60 pesos. I was afraid she might cry.

Somewhat out of place was this yacht that was anchored just off-shore.

We Have Been Discovered

Apparently, Monday was some kind of a Mexican holiday, but I really couldn't figure out which one. As a result there were a lot of Mexican families and groups of friends gathered on the beach and adding a festive note to our visit.

Free Entertainment

A Family Get-Together

The Children At Play

My friend Dennis found some new friends too.

Going To The Dogs

At the restaurant down the beach these fishies on stickies were slowly cooking away and were looking pretty good.

Fish On A Stick

For the locals who live in the small towns south of Boca the water taxis are the only real way to get here. And they are the primary means of moving supplies as well. You will sometimes see a boat loaded with cement blocks or bags of cement heading on out to some construction site. During the school week these also serve as the school bus and you will see the kids, all in their uniforms, piling onto the boats to be taken back home.

A Booming Taxi Business

Over the years that I have been coming here, the boats seem to be the same, but the motors used to be 15 and 25 horsepower Johnson's and the like. Now they all seem to be 75 horsepower and up Yamaha's. The taxi business must be lucrative. But, bigger motors, more trips, so they probably pay for themselves.

You can take a water taxi all the way back to Puerto Vallarta if you would like. And if you linger too long and the buses have stopped running, you may have to.

The Last Water Taxi

Let me simply say, if this happens to you, you won't have much leverage when it comes to haggling on a price. Trust me, I know from first-hand experience.

We didn't linger that long and after a relaxing afternoon on the beach we did catch the bus and made it back to Puerto Vallarta just before sunset. From Boca you can't really see the sun set on the water, it just slips behind the mountains so you get an early nightfall. I think this is where Dracula might vacation.


I went out this morning to buy some supplies to make green frozen margritas for St. Patricks day. Always a good breakfast drink. Anyway, I asked the lady at the store what holiday it was yesterday and she told me it was Benito Juarez's birthday. He served five terms as president of Mexico from 1858 to 1872. My confusion was due to the article in the PVMirror, an always questionable source of information, that gave the day of the national holiday as March 21st. That is his actual birthday, but what is the point of having a national holiday on a Saturday.