Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St. Paddy's Day In Paradise

Ah, another St. Patrick's day here in beautiful Puerto Vallarta. And what better way to start the day off than with a bunch of friends and batch of green margaritas.

The Early Arrivals, Katherine And Dennis

Quickly Followed By Paul And Sharon

An Early Morning Toast

The Host And Hostess

We didn't linger around my place too long though. Sweeny's was having their traditional corned-beef and cabbage lunch and we didn't want to miss out.

Head On Up

What We Were After

We might have gotten their a wee bit early. They were still in the process of decorating the place.

No Expense Was Spared

Of course I had to buy another one of Sweeny's annual St. Patrick's Day tee-shirts. I think I have four of them now and, of course, the get worn just once. The Mysterious Chinese Woman says I should throw the older ones away, but that will never happen. Hey, I still have my original Bar Trek shirt. Old tee-shirts are the male equivalent of a scrapbook.

Tee Shirts Still Available

I quickly changed into mine and then was roped into helping with the decorating.

The Long-Winded Bar Man

The cook got into the swing of things as well with his leprechaun hat.

Looking Good

The waitress had some green stars on her cheek but this fellow, who didn't seem to even know what St. Patrick's day was, wanted stars in the color of the Mexican Flag on his cheek.

Viva La Mexico

We went with Paul and Sharon, Dennis and Katherine were to meet us later.

Paul And Sharon

But the real hit of the party was, of course, the food.

The Mysterious Chinese Woman About To Tuck In

Bar Man Tucking In

Katherine and Dennis didn't show up until we were done with our meals and about to leave. You won't believe what delayed them. Dennis had to get a manicure and a pedicure. If that wasn't bad enough, he actually had them apply nail polish to both his fingernails and his toenails. Just a light coat, he explained, as though that made any difference.

Dennis, Dumping One Down With Katherine

After taking a bit of a break the crowd re-formed at my place later on for pizza, green beer, wine, and mudslides.

I Couldn't Resist Dennis's Hands

Ah, the pizzas. We ordered them from La Pizza Nostra and they showed up right on time, delivered to our door.

Dennis And Katherine ordered the 4 Quesos, a combination of roquefort, mozzarella, chedder, and parmesan cheeses and then added black olives and pepperoni.

The Dennis And Katherine Special

Allison and Steve ordered a combination of their own that included pepperoni, ham, pineapple, onions, black olives, and mushrooms.

Allison And Steve's Combination

Bar Man and the Mysterious Chinese Woman were uninspired and just ordered the Mexicana off the menu. This was a combination of Mexican sausage (chorizo), onion, and hot peppers.

The Very Spicy Mexicana

We didn't spend too much time admiring the pizzas though, chowing down was the order of the day.

Steve And Allison And Their Throw-Everything-On-It Special

Dennis About To Dig In

Dennis And Katherine Enjoying A Spot Of Wine

The Mysterious Chinese Woman Ready For A Bite

Paul and Sharon stopped by later for coffee and mudslides and we all sat around and talked about everything under the sun until about midnight. And for us old farts, that is kind of late. Then it was time for everyone to head off into the sunset. But not before one parting shot of those of us who had our, you can only buy the here, folks, get them while they last, 2009 Sweeny's St. Patrick's Day tee-shirts.

Don't You Wish You Had One?

Today will be kind of a low-key recovery day, but there is a deck party this evening. That means I will be making my always-in-demand deviled eggs. I am going to add a bit of baking soda to the water when I boil them this time. That, supposedly, makes them easier to peel. I will let you know how it works out.

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