Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Night On The Town

A couple of friends returned to Mexico after spending about six months in cold Wisconson. Tom and Bella got married last year and she had to spend six months in the United States in order to get her temporary green card. This is good for two years and then she can become a permanent citizen or something. Their lawyer said it would be best if they spent at least 60% of the next two years in the United States so their wouldn't be any hitches. I guess I will never understand immigration laws. Everyone complains about illegal immigrants and then they make it extremely difficult to become a legal one. It seems like it is much easier to come down here to Mexico and get all of the necessary paperwork to stay here and work. I heard it does take living here for ten years though before you can actually become a Mexican citizen.

Anyway, we welcomed them back by going out to dinner. Dennis, Katherine, The Mysterious Chinese Woman and I popped in at Los Chilaquiles a few evenings ago just to take a peek. It looked like a real nice restaurant with tables out on a terrace overlooking the malecon. I went back and made reservations and specified the table that we wanted and the person taking the reservation said "No problem"

Los Chilaquiles

We gathered at the appointed hour and prepared to take the elevator up to the restuarant.


Unfortunately we were not allowed to go up. It seems that there was a private party that had booked the entire restaurant. Of course nobody had told the guy taking the reservations. We were told that we could come back in half an hour though. This seemed unlikely because there wasn't anyone leaving the restaurant and I am guessing it would probably take close to an hour just to set up for business after the party ended.

One thing Puerto Vallarta doesn't lack is lots of good restaurants. We just headed down the street to Trio, a very nice restaurant that I had been to before but was new to Tom and Bella.

Trio's Owners and Chefs

That picture was pirated from Trio's website but this is the one I took.

The Chefs Were Busy

The Mysterious Chinese Woman, Bella, And Katherine

Tom, Bar Man, And Dennis

Trio has been around for a long time and is one of the better restaurants in Puerto Vallarta although, as I have said many times, there are a lot of really good restaurants here. The setting is very nice too, a white linen tablecloth kind of place.

Dennis Enjoying His Meal

The Mysterious Chinese Woman Displaying Her Selection

Bella Biting

A Happy Bar Man

Everyone really enjoyed their meals too. I don't remember what everyone had, but I had duck with ravioli and it was delicious. We started with a nice calamari appetizer that was lightly coated and deep fried but with a nice tangy sauce. Dennis had rack of lamb it and was nice and tender and very flavorful. Katherine had veal, I believe. She was going to have the wild boar but they were out.

After our meal Dennis wanted to take me to a traditional old Mexican tavern that he had discovered. You have to keep an eye out for these because they are often upstairs and not necessarily easy to spot.

El Barril

This was a wee bit fancier than most of these places, primarily because there were tables on a terrace. Inside it was pretty standard with the primary decoration being stacks of empty beer cases. And, unlike the somewhat gentrified Blue Whale, they still had the old heavy wooden tables and chairs. Not those cheap plastic ones that wouldn't even do much damage if you hit someone over the head with it.

Tom and Bella had to drive home so it was just the four of us who stopped up for a beer and a tequila.

The Usual Suspects

We ordered beers and tequila and they certainly didn't mess around with the amount of tequila they served you.

Hmm, Is This A Good Thing

Well, I thought it was a good thing. After finishing our drinks we had a nice stroll home on the malecon. It was made a bit nicer because, somewhat foolishly, we ordered a second bottle of cava at Trio. It was still pretty full when we left so the waiter corked it for us but halfway home the cork popped off and landed who knows where. The only thing we could do was finish it off as we walked, I am sure we looked really classy swigging cava out of a brown paper bag. Too bad I didn't think to take any pictures.

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