Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Two Thirds Done

Today is day twenty out of my thirty day food stamp diet so I am two thirds done. Other than that minor milepost there wasn't anything particularly special about today.

Picked up six bananas and a jar of peanut butter at Trader Joe's. Bananas remained at nineteen cents each and the peanut butter was still $1.79 so I spent a total of $2.93 today for a grand total of $128.35 to date. Tomorrow I will pick up some more oatmeal and dried bananas and another sack of onions. Unless something catches my eye that may very well do it as far as my monthly expenditures. Maybe I will pick up some more vegetables. I still have one package or spinach left and quite a few glowing broccoli. Also, my carrots seem to be multiplying, so I won't run out of those. I have determined that five pounds of carrots is, indeed, a one-month supply for one person. I might pick up some green beans and a can of corn and another couple of potatoes. What the hell, splurge a little.

I started out with my oatmeal, dried bananas, and raisin special for breakfast.

Ooh, Another Picture Of Oatmeal

I had a peanut butter and banana sandwich for lunch, but in my excitement I ate it before I took a picture.

This Will Have To Do

For dinner I broke out the steak that I had thawing in the refrigerator.

My Steak

There wasn't any need to do anything fancy with it. I like them just fried up a bit.

Pan Fried Steak, Can't Be Beat

To finish off the meal I cooked up some pasta and stirred it up with some of my leftover chili, the container without any meat.

My Steak And Spaghetti Dinner

This steak was thicker than the last one I ate so I really couldn't finish it without just stuffing myself. I will probably have the rest for lunch tomorrow and then have pea soup for dinner.

Tomorrow's Lunch?

Well, that is about it. Nothing too exciting, but I certainly am not going to be going to bed hungry.

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