Friday, April 24, 2009

Fried Steak Friday

I had a little bit of my regular instant oatmeal left and to augment the "single serving" sized portions of my variety pack I thought I would throw it in.

Breakfast Fixin's

I was going to have chili and eggs for lunch so I had to get my banana fix in with my breakfast. This means making my oatmeal a little looser than normal by adding a bit of milk.

Gruel With Banana And Raisins

Lunch was kind of a late TexMex style breakfast, and I ate it a bit early too.

Nothing Fancy

I just scrambled up the two eggs.

A Quick Scramble

Then after putting the chili and cheese in the microwave for about a minute and a half I dumped it over the eggs and had my lunch, or brunch.

A TexMex Brunch

Tonight was steak night but first I had to do some portioning. There were four cups of mixed vegetables in the bag of frozen vegetables and I figured one cup was a good-sized serving.

One Lump Of Vegetables

Four Individual Portions

Three went into the freezer for future meals and one went into a pot where it simmered for awhile.

My Steak For The Night

Before frying the steak I first fried up some onion and garlic which I set aside. It flavors the oil a bit for the steak, though.

Onions And Garlic, Perfuming The Air

Next Was The Steak

While everything was going on I also had some rice cooking up. When it was done I put it into the frying pan, after removing the steak, and stirred in the onion and garlic.

Kind Of Fried Rice

And when everything was said and done I had a hearty and healthy meal. Well, I would call it healthy. I am sure there are some who would take exception to the fried steak. But I am the Bar Man and Bar Man drinks beer and bourbon and eats steak. No beer and bourbon for another week though.

A Bar Man's Dinner

Once again I had more steak than I could eat so I set what was left aside and will have it with eggs for breakfast tomorrow.

Until Tomorrow, My Friend

And that, my friends, was my Friday.