Monday, April 20, 2009

Another Cold And Rainy Day

Well, we had a nice summer here in Brooklyn. Too bad it only lasted one day. Just nasty out; cold and a light drizzle that turned into a fairly heavy rain. Oh well, life goes on.

I hit Key Food to pick up some more coffee. This time I upgraded to Yuban for $4.29 a pound. The Key Food brand just didn't cut it. I also picked up another loaf of bread, Hearty Extra Fiber Whole Wheat, for $2.50. I only had five eggs left so I figured I better get some more. I got a dozen, well, eleven, actually, for $1.89. I usually check the eggs to make sure that none of them are broken, but today I forgot. Wouldn't you know, the first one I tried to take out of the carton just cracked apart in my hand. It had already been cracked and some of the egg had leaked out and hardened in the bottom of the carton. This is why you should always check your eggs, and maybe even count them. I also bought a bag of eight oranges for $1.99. They were advertised as juice oranges, but I just eat them. I still have two increasingly shriveled grapefruit left, but I am going to eat both of them tomorrow, I promise.

Nothing special for breakfast, but I was a little hungrier than usual so I had a piece of toast with peanut butter to go along with my oatmeal, dried banana, raisin concoction.

A Rainy Day Breakfast

As long as I had plenty of eggs and hadn't gone to Trader Joe's to replenish my bananas and peanut butter I decided to have an omelet for lunch.

The Fixin's

I stuck the frozen spinach in the microwave for a couple of minutes, diced up half of the onion and the garlic, cubed the cheese, and threw it all into my frying pan with a couple of eggs. Actually, I threw the onion and garlic in first and let it saute a bit before I threw everything else on on top of it.

Into The Pan With You

Then I just whisked it around a little.

I Know, It Doesn't Look Real Good

But once it was dumped onto a plate it looked a bit better, and it tasted just fine.

Tastes Better Than It Looks

I had a pretty good-sized breakfast and lunch, so this was a good night to just have leftovers.


This was the leftover rice and beans and the sweet potato and banana mixture from the other day. I also broke out a little of the meatless chili just to put a couple of spoonfuls of the sauce on the rice to add a bit of flavor and a little color.

I fried the piece of pork just to crisp it up a bit.

Crisping The Pork

While I was frying up the pork I threw the rice and beans and the sweet potato and banana mixture into the microwave for a couple of minutes. Stirred the chili sauce into the beans, and dinner was served.

Not Too Bad For Leftovers

My little shopping excursion today cost me $10.67, most of it for the coffee. This brings my total to $125.42. Tomorrow I will buy another jar of peanut butter and some bananas.

My friend Allen managed to make the most out of our short summer on Saturday. He went to an afternoon Yankee game and the evening Mets game. If he could have squeezed in a round of golf he would pretty much have done it all.

I popped a steak into the refrigerator to thaw and am looking forward to a steak and spaghetti dinner tomorrow night.