Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Out Of Siberia And Into Brooklyn

And now for something completely different.

Just thought I would take a quick break from blogging about my eating program to bring you some exciting news. My old friend, Tracy Westmoreland of Siberia fame, and Bellevue too, has opened up a new bar here in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Strangely, he is naming it The Manhattans.

In typical Tracy logic he said "All the bars in Brooklyn look like movie sets," but "This bar is like an episode of 'The Outer Limits' that never aired.'

You may remember that Bellevue was bar number 527 and Siberia was bar number 564 for me on my journey to 1000 back in 2005.

I also did a guest bartending gig at Bellevue once upon a time.

Guest Bartender On His Break

Tracy is the big guy with his tongue hanging out.

I think I will celebrate the end of my food stamp diet by heading over there on Saturday, May 2nd. If you are in the neighborhood, pop in to join me. Just look for the place with the windows plastered over with old newspapers. This is Tracy's idea of "creating ambiance."

The address is 769 Washington Avenue between Sterling Place and St. John's Place. That isn't too far from Prospect Park up by the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and the Brooklyn Museum.

Tracy is just adding a bit more, or is that West-more-land, culture to the neighborhood.