Thursday, April 23, 2009

So Many Decisions

Confronted by decisions first thing in the morning. What a horrible way to start the day, almost like having to go to work.

Eenie, Meenie, Minie, Curly Hits Moe

I decided to go for the Cinnamon 'n Spice, it just sounded so cheerful.

See What It Looks Like, Cat Litter

I did decide to jazz it up a bit with a few raisins and some dried bananas. I was a bit concerned that what they call a serving would be on the small size.

Cooking In The Pot

And, I was right. the portions are on the small size. The next one I make I will add the remaining oatmeal that I had and then use two packages going forward.

Just A Small Portion

I had my fairly usual peanut butter and banana sandwich for lunch, and this time I remembered to take a picture.


For supper I broke out a container of leftover chili.

Just Needs Heating

No microwave though, I just heated in my all purpose little pot over a low heat. It had thawed out in the refrigerator overnight.

Chili Getting Hot

I remembered the last bit of cheese that I had left from the two packages I bought and figured this would be a good time to use it up.

The Cheese Must Go

In a burst of inspiration I decided to have the chili over spaghetti. This is known as Cincinnati-style chili and, for some reason, is quite popular in, you will never guess, Cincinnati. It is the signature dish at the Skyline Restaurant. which was founded in 1912 by a Greek immigrant, Nicholas Lambrinides.

Barman's Cinncinati-Style Chili

When all was said and done I had plenty to eat and squirreled away a bit of the chili and cheese to use in am omelet tomorrow, either for breakfast or lunch. I haven't quite decided yet.

Just Add Eggs

I took another "steak" out of the freezer and plan on having that with some of my frozen vegetables for dinner tomorrow. My Friday nights are just so exciting these days. Well, after tomorrow I will only have one left to go. It isn't the lack of food, or even the variety that I miss with this diet. Quite frankly, it is going out to eat on occasion and having a cocktail or two and some wine with my meal. But, I had to do this to satisfy my curiosity. It is a bit of a departure from hitting three or four bars every day, though. And a lot cheaper.


Claudia said...

I grew up in NYC across from a Key Food - wow - was that a blast from my past. Haven't seen one in years - if course i don't live in New York anymore. What a fun original recipe. Bookmarking it - think the family would love it. All their favcorite foods rolled into one.

Anonymous said...