Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mostly Leftovers

Another trip to Key Food today, and probably my last. I think I will only need to buy more bananas to get me through the end of my month. Today I bought an Oatmeal Variety Ten Pack for $1.99. The individual portions look a bit on the skimpy side, but I will try one tomorrow and see. No problem though because I still have plenty of eggs, and omelets for breakfast are always good. I also bought a bag of onions for $1.99 and two 1 pound bags of frozen mixed vegetables for $3.98. And $1.49 worth of dried bananas. They were $1.99 a pound so I guess I bought a little bit less than that. That was $9.45 for the day and a grand total to date of $137.80. I figure I should end up under $140 for the month.

This morning I ate breakfast before I went shopping so I had a real banana in my oatmeal again. I took a picture of it but my card was still in my card reader. The camera just used internal memory and I didn't see any message. Now I don't know how to get it off to put on my blog. You will just have to use your imagination or scroll back a few days to see what it looked like.

For lunch I did make a sandwich out of the leftover steak from last night.

My Leftover Steak

The reason I had a good chunk left over was because it was a pretty thick steak. Too thick for a sandwich, so I cut it in half.

Butterflied Steak

I sliced up half an onion and fried it up so I could have a steak and onion sandwich.

Frying My Onions

Then, after the onions were fried, I put the steak, rare side down, into the frying pan for a quick sizzle.

Sizzling The Steak

Some Assembly Required

The Final Product

It was a very good sandwich indeed, if I do say so myself. Kind of reminded me of Warren Zevon. Check out 'Enjoy Every Sandwich' for a good album of various artists covering his songs, everyone from Bob Dylan to Bruce Springsteen.

I just warmed up some of my leftover pea soup for dinner.

Straight From The Fridge To The Stove

I ended up with a nice bowl of soup that was more than enough after my hearty lunch.

Fit For A King

I also ate my last grapefruit today so now it will be on to my oranges.

It is supposed to be another chilly and cloudy day tomorrow so I think it will be a good day for chili. The prediction is for sun and temperatures to hit 80 on the weekend though. That would be nice, it has been a chilly and wet spring so far.