Sunday, March 01, 2009

Flying High

Don't expect my blogs to be in any kind of a reasonable chronological order. At this point I am lucky if I can even remember what I did which day. I do know that my friend Chris left on Wednesday though.

Bye Bye Chris

Sad to see him go, but I will be seeing him in a couple of months when I return to Minnesota for the annual Fishing Opener get-together.

He did send me this picture though, so I could show my other Minnesotan friends that are now here what they are missing.

There Is Snow Place Like Home

After Chris left I hooked up with my friends and we took a walk along the malecon where there is always a lot of stuff going on.


Artists Displaying Their Wares

Lots Of Statues

And most impressive, this group of pole flyers.

But, They Are Not Polish

After climbing to the top of this pole trailing ropes, they then wind the ropes around the top of the pole by spinning around this platform.

Spinning A Yarn, Er, I Mean A Rope

Then they jump of the platform and, as the rope unwinds, they fly out and down. Kind of like one of those carnival rides with the airplanes.

Out, Out, And Away

And, as they spin out and down while hanging upside down they bang on a drum and play a flute.

Banging And Blowing

They draw a pretty good crowd and then pass a hat to collect for their performance.

Pat And Ruthie Watching The Show

My theory is that the performers are honoring the spacemen who long ago came to earth and introduced their culture to humans. Hence the flying and playing of the instruments. I am surprised that The History Channel hasn't picked up on this yet.

On the way back we passed by this restaurant that I assume features a surf and turf special.

Mr. Turf And Mr. Surf

We passed on by and had a breakfast/lunch at a place I like, Gaby's. They have a nice cool little courtyard in the back with ferns and a waterfall and the food is decent and reasonably priced.

Jon Scowling And Ruthie Enjoying

I just read where Nikon has come out with a new camera that has face recognition technology that can prevent you from takikng a picture if the subject isn't smiling. I assume you can override this feature because otherwise you would never be able to take a picture of Jon.

The Mysterious Chinese Woman and Jerry were much better subjects.

The Mysterious Chinese Woman And Jerry, Smiling

Well, I am not sure about the Mysterious Chinese Woman. I think she was trying to smile, or maybe she was just imitating Jon.

My Breakfast

I don't know what this was called, but it was like soggy tortilla chips covered with a spicy tomato sauce and melted cheese. It was served with refried beans and was quite good.

Well, that is it for now. I am heading to the beach after a big breakfast of ribs and eggs. My friends Sandy and Rico brought the ribs with them. Rico does a dynamite job of grilling them and I posted about them when I visited Minnesota last fall. I should have taken a picture of these, but I forgot. It is too late now, that is for sure.


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