Wednesday, March 04, 2009

I Couldn't Resist

Fox's number one pick for most embarassing sports records:

Most career interceptions: Brett Favre

The future Hall of Fame quarterback is at the top of this list due in part to his longevity in the game. However, while there's little doubt that Brett Favre was a prolific passer, he was also pretty inaccurate throughout his career.

Favre finished his career ranked first in all-time interceptions thrown with 310.

Though he also finished with 464 touchdown passes, his career interceptions are astronomically high and have been for his entire career.

He led the league in picks thrown in two separate seasons, and has tossed at least 20 interceptions in six different seasons, including his last one with the Jets.

Hmm, that last season. Wasn't that the one where the Jets got rid of Chad Pennington, who then led Miami into the play-offs, so we could get the great Brett Favre?