Thursday, March 05, 2009

A Tweet At El Torito

Last night a bunch of us headed to El Torito to catch the Minnesota/Wisconsin basketball game and to chow down on ribs, chicken, buritos and to drink a little beer.

El Torito

Well, not everyone had beer.

Allison Had The Blues

El Torito is a great place to catch a game. They have a whole slew of televisions, upstairs and downstairs, and a great cable system. The game we were watching was on the Big Ten network or some such thing, but they got it with no problem. If you get there early enough they will pretty much put on any sporting event you ask for.

El Torito also has some mighty fine and reasonably priced ribs and chicken. Lots of other stuff too, but those seem to be there big ticket items. A word of warning though, don't go for the
two-for-one rib special they have in the mid-afternoon. In my opinion you are better off just getting a single order of ribs and splitting it.

Dynamite Ribs

Grilled Chicken

Bulging Burrito

They also offer to roast a whole pig for you. This is currently priced at $250 but will serve up to twelve people. You need to give them at least two days notice but the waiter said three days is better. This is a fresh pig that isn't even slaughtered until you order it. I guess that is why you order it in advance. It would be kind of messy if you all were sitting at the table and they slaughtered it in front of you. Interesting, but messy.

I asked the waiter if you could go with the guy when he got the pig. You know, help him pick out the one you wanted. Kind of like when you pick out your own lobster at a sea-food restaurant. He looked at me kind of funny but said it might be okay.

We pretty much agreed that getting the pig is something we would definitly like to do someday.

The Whole Crew Settling In

We were there to watch the game, of course, but also to chow down.

Mysterious Chinese Woman Chowing, Sandy Intent On Game

Katherine, of course, was elegant even in this place, and with this crowd. I am excusing the fork because she was eating her baked potato. She did eat the ribs with her fingers.

The Ever Elegant Katherine

And, of course, I tucked in as well.

Bar Man And BBQ

Minnesota had a seven point lead at the half but Wisconsin managed to go ahead by five in the second half. Then Minnesota went on a tear and ended up winning by five, 51 to 46. I think this was a must win for the Golden Gophers too if they want to get into the play-offs.

Rah Rah For Ski-U-Mah

Dennis is a Wisconsin fan so he was a bit disconsolate. He handled it well, however. It only took two of us to restrain him.

Dennis, Pretending To Be Interested In The Menu

In about an hour the whole crew will be coming here for a make-your-own-omelette party. That is always a lot of fun, and certainly one step up from a knitting circle.