Friday, March 06, 2009

An Egg Sighting Morning

Had a whole gang over yesterday morning for our omelettes in a bag breakfast. Great fun was had by all.

The Mysterious Chinese Woman had done a lot of prep-work with minimal assistance from Bar Man. Mostly I just finished off cooking the chorizo.

The Omelette Makings

The Mysterious Chinese Woman

This is an excellent idea for when you are hosting a breakfast party, and I have to thank my friend Sandy for introducing this. What you do is you get a bunch of freezer Ziploc bags, the pint size work just fine. Be sure they are the freezer bags because otherwise they will melt in the boiling water.

Then you add a couple of eggs and the ingredients of your choice. We had chopped ham, chorizo, chopped onions, chopped jalepenos, cheese, and who knows what else to choose from. Then you squeeze the bag until the eggs and your ingredients are all mixed up and then squeeze out as much of the air as you can. Pop the bag into boiling water for thirteen minutes and then take out the bag, open it, and voila, a perfectly done omelette made to your specifications rolls out.

The fun part is deciding on just what ingredients you want in your customized omelette.

Dennis, Paul, Sharon, And MCW Building Their Own

Dennis, Squeezing His Egg Sack

Bar Man Getting Into The Act

Rico Making A Secret Omelette

Be sure to bring a permanent marker of some kind so you can write your name on your Ziploc bag. You would hate to go through all of the effort of building your own and then end up with someone else's.

MCW Holding The Bag For Allison

Of course no omelette party would be complete without plenty of mimosas, and we had plenty. They were particularly good too because we bought freshly squeezed orange juice earlier in the morning. There is an old lady just a few blocks from here who squeezes it for you while you wait. The orange juice, you perverts.

Katherine Checking Out The Juice

Katherine And Allison Making Mimosas

Allison Topping Hers Off, Steve Looking On

Paul And Sharon Enjoying The Finished Product

Rico And Sandy In Post-Omelette Repose

The party was a great success, everyone having a good time. Then, about an hour after everyone left a sewer main broke just up the street from us. You may not be able to see much from these pictures, but that is pretty much raw sewage running down the street in front of our building and then down the street under our balcony.

The Street In Front Of Our Building

Below Our Balcony

The stench was, as you might imagine, overpowering. We had to shut the door and windows and turn on the air-conditioning. It lasted for several hours too. They did patch the main though and wash down the streets so now this morning the smell is pretty much gone. Just a lot of noise as they continue to repair the main.