Wednesday, March 04, 2009

El Gang At El Dorado

Grr, my camera wasn't at the Kit Kat Klub. I have no idea how I could have lost it because I only am staying about four blocks from the place. I am sure if I left it on the bar it would have been kept for me, though. One of those aggravating mysteries of life. Luckily I have my better camera as a back-up. I am sorry I lost the pictures, though.

One really nice restaurant on the beach that I have been going to for years is El Dorado. It has been around forever and the food is usually really good. It had a bit of a dry spell for a year or two when there was a change in the chef, but it is back up there again now. It is also the first restaurant that I go to each year on the night of my arrival. At least since I moved into this part of town and the Mysterious Chinese Woman began following me around.

Before heading out we had cocktails my friend's place at La Palapa. If you recall, last time I was in Minnesota we stayed with Rico and Sandy and we all got kind of matching shirts. Well, except for Jon. He wasn't in the city but up home in Ely.

The Matching Shirt Crowd

We are staying in the Romantic Zone, after all, so one thing just naturally led to another.

Three Amorous Amigos

Rico and I tried that intertwining toasting thing, but our arms were just too burly.

Ah, It Goes Like This, Doesn't It?

The girls just stayed out of it altogether, but did take pictures. Probably hoping to sell them.


Eventually we did make it to El Dorado where we continued to have a rolicking good time

The Whole Crowd

Jon, Ruthie, and Bar Man

Jon was his usual smiling self.

Happy Jon

His wife, Ruthie, is much more photogenic.

Smiling Pretty For The Camera

I think Jon was almost smiling for this one.

Such A Happy Couple

Jerry was enjoying his wine.


As Was His Wife Pat

The Mysterious Chinese Woman was more into beer tonight.

Bottoms Up

And Sandy was happy with her fish.

Looking Good

Pat had been talking about getting a lobster tail for a couple of days but, for some reason, didn't spot it on the menu so she ordered something else. Then she saw the waiter go by with a lobster tail and, it gets sad here folks, ordered a lobster tail in addition to what she had already ordered. Kind of reminded me of that guy, Mr. Creosote, in the Monte Python movie, The Meaning Of Life. Luckily, she didn't have a wafer-thin mint to top it all off.

To be honest, although I hate to, Pat had her first order packaged up to go and they didn't bring it to her until after we were done eating. Probably because they didn't have a bucket handy.

Jerry had his leftovers wrapped up too and he said it was okay to play with your food after you were done with your meal.

Oh, A Little Birdie

Can I Keep It?

Everyone enjoyed their meal and it was another fun-filled evening. We sat outside so we could hear the ocean and see the stars. Well, not too many stars. Unlike the old days there is so much ambient light you can only see the brightest of them now. Venus was bright in the sky, though.

More stuff to come, including a trip to Yelapa and who knows what else. Tonight Minnesota plays Wisconsin in basketball and a whole crew is heading to El Torito to watch the game, eat ribs, and drink beer. Should be a fun time.

Now, a bit of beach-time.