Saturday, February 28, 2009

All Is Well In Paradise

"It Is Fine With Me" Pat desperately wants to leave a comment on my blog explaining her side of my last post. You need a Google account to do it though, and she doesn't have one. She has been trying to set one up but because we are in Mexico, when you go to the Google site the instructions are in Spanish. So far this has thwarted her.

Ah, but time heals all wounds. As you can see, we are all friends once again.

Huggy Huggy

My friends Rico and Sandy are showing up today and the whole gang will be here to greet them. My job is to make the frozen margaritas so I need to get a move on. I will try to catch up on my postings when I get a chance but with all my friends showing up here to escape the Minnesota winter, things have been a bit hectic. Fun, but hectic.

Stay tuned though, I promise that I will get more posted pretty soon.


lpeterson said...

Tell "it is fine with me" Pat that it's "Roooomie" to the rescue!

She should contact "The Room" for Google account assistance.
We definitely need to hear her side of this story!!

We are pretty well frozen here in MN.
Sounds like you're having a blast.

Bar Man said...

If Pat behaves herself I may pass this information along to her.


Anonymous said...