Sunday, March 08, 2009

Another Long Pants Day

Ah, Long Pants Day, the day when someone leaves lovely Puerto Vallarta and heads home to colder climes. Today it was Rico and Sandy's turn to don the dreaded garb.

Rico And Sandy In Their Long Pants

But, Puerto Vallarta being Puerto Vallarta, despite their early departure it wasn't too early to have one last little get-together. The whole gang showed up to see them off and have a goodbye mimosa.

The Girls, Looking Lovely Despite The Early Hour

Most Of The Boys Looking, Well...

And Steve With His Personalized Shirt

He said he has to get his shirts with his name on them so that Allison doesn't wear them.

The Boys Chatting

Katherine Looking Glamerous

Kitchen Talk

And A Goodbye Toast From Allison

But, sadly, you can only delay the inevitable for just so long. Soon it was time to head down and load up everything into a cab.

Almost The End

The End

It was a good visit and in a a few months it will be my turn to visit Rico and Sandy in Minnesota when I head back for the annual Fishing Opener Weekend.

On another note. There are an awful lot of injuries, mostly minor, in Puerto Vallarta due to the high curbs, cobblestone streets, and sidewalks in poor repair.

Katherine's Knees

Dennis's Toe

As often happens when you have a bunch of people drinking mimosas early in the morning, several business propositions came to mind to take advantage of this. One, suggested by Paul, was that you could offer, for a price, to install a memorial tile at the site where someone sustained an injury. Similar to the crosses you see on the side of the road where a fatality has occured, this would be a mini-memorial. The injured person's name would be inscribed along with the date of the injury. Perhaps, for an additional charge they could add some kind of an inspirational message such as "A step mistimed, stitches nine," or "I really fell for Puerto Vallarta."

My idea was to sell albums and little plastic envelopes so you could start your own personal scab collection. I would imagine that over the years you could easily fill an entire album. Just the thing to pour over with your grandchildren. "And here is where Grandpa, after one too many tequilas, fell coming out of the Blue Whale." The type of scene Norman Rockwell would have loved to have captured.

All my guests are gone now, but I have a lot of pictures still to be posted about the adventures we had when they were all here. And a lot of my friends are still here so I am sure there is more mischief to be gotten into.