Thursday, March 12, 2009

Party!!! Party!!!

Well, for reasons, or for no reason, we decided to have a little party last night. Just a simple get-together with a bunch of friends. You know, the thing that turns into an all night affair and people regret the next day. Well, some people regret the next day, but not Bar Man.

Katherine and Dennis decided we should do a bit of decorating and bought streamers and little umbrellas to spruce up the area.

The Decorators At Work

Dennis Making A Final Adjustment

The Finished Product

The party was for Steve, and he was suitably impressed by the decorations.

All This For Me?

We pushed a couple of tables together at the end of the swimming pool along with a couple of umbrellas that we also decorated.

How Ornate

After their exhausting decorating efforts Dennis and Katherine took a much needed break by the pool.

Our Work Here Is Finished

And lest you think I was shirking my duties, I headed to the little bodega to buy ingredients for a humongous batch of peach daquiris.

My Favorite Little Bodega

We decided to cut down on the work by ordering our food form Archies's Wok. For those of you who are new to my blog, Archie was John Huston's personal chef during the time John Huston spent in the area after directing Night Of The Iquana. He opened this restaurant in 1986 and his wife, Cindy, now runs it, Archie having passed on to the great wok in the sky.

The food is great and sometimes they have a woman who plays the harp entertaining you while you dine. The influence is largely Thai. The menus are kind of like coloring books and children are given one with crayons to color in while they wait for their food. The finished products are then used for their menu. Kind of cool.

One From Column A And Two From Column B

Well, once the food arrived it didn't take us long to dig in.

Mine, Mine, Mine

And then there was a bit of a lull in the action as everyone settled in to enjoy their meal.

Bar Man And The Mysterious Chinese Woman

My tee-shirt was a gift form Allison and Steve and is a Widmer Brothers shirt. Widmer Brothers is a Portland, Oregon brewery and their signature beer, perhaps their only one, is Hefeweizen. Allison and Steve live in Vancouver, Washington which is just about a ten minute drive from Portland.

After our dinner we settled back to watch a beautiful sunset.

Puerto Vallarta Sunset

Allison wanted me to try to get a picture of her "eating" the sun. I couldn't quite manage it though. Looks more like she is about to urp up, if you ask me.

One Drink Over The Line, Sweet Jesus

Of course no real party really starts until after sunset, and this one was no exception. Tom and Delorous seranaded us with a couple of songs including their much called for "I Did It My Way."

A Classic Duet

We had them hanging from the rafters, or at least the balconies, for this one.

The Cheap Seats

After Tom and Delorous were finished we still had the uber sound system that Allison brought down to keep the music going.

Kind Of Like Van Halen's

And then Allison decided we all needed more to drink and went up to make Mud Slides. Her faithful companion, Sharon, was ready, willing, and able to assist.

Just What We Needed

There was a bit of a concern as to whether or not Sharon was going to share.

Share On, Sharon

I think we all had a good time.

Toasting Who Knows What

And of course you always have to have the obligatory picture of someone taking a picture.

Say Cheese, Or Something

And one of the Mysterious Chinese Woman vamping.

Ready For Her Closeup

And then it was time to sort the little umbrellas and call it a night.

Sorting The Umbrellas

But, of course, we didn't really call it a night. What is a party without an after-party. I will have to post about that latter though. Don't want to wear you out. Let's just say, It was interesting.

A Preview

More tomorrow, so stay tuned.


Davewillie said...

Widmer just introduced a pale ale called Drifter. I'd be interested in your take on it after you've sampled a stein or two.

Bar Man said...

I will make a point of looking for it after I return from Mexico.

berklingaly said...