Saturday, March 14, 2009

After-Party Prequel

As I mentioned last time, after the poolside party we had the obligatory after-party where the real damage is done. But, the stage was set for some of our handiwork the night before.

The Mysterious Chinese Woman, Katherine, Dennis, and Bar Man went out for dinner at La Pizza Nostra, a nice Italian restaurant sandwiched between, go figure, another Italian restaurant and, another Italian restaurant. The little Italy of Puerto Vallarta, I guess. There is even a place where you can buy Italian ices and gelato.

La Pizza Nostra

It looks like they were trying to copy La Palapa's boat sign inside.

La Palapa Pizza Nostra

The whole gang settled in and our waiter, Gypsy, kindly took a picture of us. He was telling us how much he drank the night before and how hung-over he was. I guess this picture is evidence of that.

Or, Maybe, It Was Us

We hadn't been here too long before our friend Allison showed up to get a pizza to go.

Let The Party Begin

Allison pretty much made sure the party started by treating us all to a coffee drink made to her specifications. I can kind of remember Kahlua, Amaretto, and Rum, but I am sure there was something else as well. Even a bit of coffee.

Made To Spec And Delivered To Your Table

Ah, but it was good and we all enjoyed our after-dinner libation.

Mysterious Chinese Woman And Allison

Katherine And Dennis

And, of course, Bar Man and Dennis acting silly.

Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes

Disentangled, At Last

But what, you may ask, did this have to do with the after-party prequel? Allison and Steve have this neat light pole outside of their patio. It looks like something you would see in New Orleans. However, it had but one of the four lightbulbs working and it was just a dingy 60 watt clear one.

As we were siting in the restaurant our eyes fixated on their lighting fixture.

Hmm, Are You Thinking What I Am Thinking

Dennis and Bar Man have minds that, pathologically, seem to work along the same lines.

Grated Cheeses Stink Alike; Er, I mean Great Minds...

We asked Gypsy where they got the red bulbs and he told us, Home Depot.

Our Co-Conspirator, Gypsy

For a lot of people the great ideas they get in bars stay there. Not so with this crew. Dennis went out and got the bulbs the next day and then, while everyone was at the party, we snuck off and installed them.

Not The Brightest Bulbs In The Bunch

I will say, Bar Man was mighty impressed with Dennis's agility. We couldn't find a ladder so we got a wooden stool from the ouside security area and balanced this on a plastic chair that we got off Allison and Steve's patio. Given that the ground underneath the light pole was uneven dirt and the stretch to the sockets was a long one, it was a miracle that heads went unbroken.

But The Results Were Worth It

Our work done, we headed back to the party. Nobody was the wiser, and we waited for our handiwork to be discovered.

Next post, the after-party.

Ah, a sad footnote. After not complaining about three burnt out bulbs and a dim one, the people upstairs from Steve and Allison's have now seen fit to complain about the new red ones. I love uptight, excuse my French, assholes, who can't seem to relax and have a good time. Everyone else I have talked to seemed to think the lights are cool and cheerful. It always takes that one sour apple in the barrel. Why do people like that even bother coming to Puerto Vallarta in the first place? These are the same people who complain about too many Mexicans on "our" beach.