Monday, March 09, 2009

A Mini Bar Crawl

The day before Rico and Sandy left I put together a mini bar crawl for a small crowd. We all gathered up at the fountain in our courtyard at 2:00 P.M. to head on out.

Part Of The Crowd

That is the Mysterious Chinese Woman, front and center, with Katherine, Dennis, Paul and Sharon.

Bar Man And Sandy

Okay, Where's Waldo, er, I mean Rico? Well, Rico was having a little tummy problem so he decided that spending an afternoon pounding down beers and tequila might not be in his best interest. Hell, it probably wasn't in any of our best interests if you stopped and thought about it.

I headed everybody off across the river to the north side of town to hit a small bar tucked into a flea market. A bar that hardly anybody seems to know about, or avoids if they do.

Hidden Away

This is another little gem where usually you only find locals having a cold one. Kind of nice though, drinking amidst the clutter with a view of the street outside.

Part Of The Crew Enjoying A Brew

Dennis And Kathrine And Bar Man

The bartender scooped coconut meat out of a young coconut, sprinkled some spice mixture on it and served it up as a little bar treat.

Fixing A Sweet And Spicy Treat

The bartender said it was his first day on the job here, that he had just quit working as a timeshare salesman out at the Mayan Palace. He just couldn't take it anymore, he said. I offered him my condolences but was secretly glad to hear that it wasn't just the victims who felt stressed after a presentation.

From here we just kind of headed around the corner to the little street that runs along the river. There is a second story bar that is kind of hidden away but is a nice place to sit and have a drink.

You Just Have To Know Where To Look

Just Up The Steps

Cafe Roma

It is just about a block away from the big flea market here in town.

If They Don't Have It, You Don't Need It

I should also add that if they do have it, you probably don't really want it. Great place to buy souveniers and tee-shirts though. But for heaven's sake, do not pay their asking price. If you pay more than one-third of what they originally ask for you are seriously over-paying.

Sitting up by the windows you have a nice view of the river and the island.

A Room With A View

There was a nice corner table available for us so we settled right in.

The Crowd Has Settled

There is a funky little bar in here as well.

The Funky Bar

And a bar called Cafe Roma wouldn't be complete without a picture of the collesium being destroyed by a giant iquana painted on the wall.

Kind Of Like A Mini-Godzilla

You can also scrawl your name on the wall if you want to be remembered.

For A Good Time...

We managed to get Sharon to pose with our waiter.

So Silly

Dennis Enjoying His Tequila

Bar Man Starting To Feel No Pain

After enjoying our beer and tequila here it was time to head back across the bridge to the south side of town to hit a couple more bars.

Across The Great Divide

I will post about the rest of our little excursion later today, so come back soon.