Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Charro Championship Part Two

Not a whole lot more to post about the Charro Championship. They did have some dynamite food stands though. The tacos we had were delicious and at less than a dollar each a real steal. They didn't use pre-ground meat either. They grilled the flank steaks and then chopped the meat up right on the spot.

Grilling The Meat

The Mysterious Chinese Woman seemed very pleased with her's.

Happy Happy

Bar Man And Marcie Chowing Down

There were all kinds of stuff for sale as well, mostly charro related, as you might imagine.

Sombrero, Anyone?

Or Perhaps A Saddle

Well, that is about it, except for the gratuitous shot of a glamorous blond.

The Glamorous Blond

That is, of course, my friend Katherine. She also took a lot of pictures and I was hoping to include some of them but she uploaded them somewhere and hasn't been able to get them to me for some reason. Oh well, you have probably seen enough pictures of the rodeo already.

My friends Jerry, Pat, Jon, and Ruthie showed up yesterday afternoon and I got to show them around a bit. As you know, that is one of my favorite things. Having people visit me either here in Puerto Vallarta or at home in Brooklyn and then being able to show them some of my favorite places. Either tomorrow or later today I should be able to start posting about our adventures.

There is a new online directory for Puerto Vallarta and they selected my blog as one of their featured links. I am so proud. Can Travel + Leisure be far behind.

Just click their logo to visit their site:

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