Friday, February 27, 2009

Well, That Didn't Take Long

Bar Man gets blamed for everything, and after only three days in Puerto Vallarta my friend's Jerry and Jon's wives are mad at me. Can you imagine. But I am innocent, I tell you, innocent.

On more than one occasion Pat, Jerry's wife, has loudly proclaimed that if us "boys" wanted to go out drinking it was fine with her, we just shouldn't expect her to tag along. Is it my fault that I took her at her word?

The Girls:

"It's Fine With Me" Pat

"Where's Jonny" Ruthie

The Mysterious Chinese Woman

After a lovely morning in Mismaloya and Boca (pictures to appear in another posting) we stopped at Steve's Sports Bar to use the bathroom and have a beer. The girls decided that they didn't want to sit in Steve's and drink beer so they left to do whatever girls do.

Well, we boys finished our beer and figured that as long as the women had already left this would be a good time to visit La Ballena Azul aka The Blue Whale. And so we did.

Jerry And Jon At The Blue Whale

We had a beer and a tequila there but Jerry and Jon, having gotten a taste of La Gloria de Infierno, thought that La Bellena Azul was a bit too refined for their taste. I will have to bring them here again late one night, their opinion may change.

Anyway, we decided to head back to La Gloria de Infierno for, shall we say, a few more beers and tequilas. At some point Jerry decided he had had enough and decided went home. Jon and I decided we would stay a bit longer. Then, to our credit, we also went back to La Palapa to see if the girls were there. They weren't, and we didn't see Jerry who was probably "takng a nap."

I suggested to Jon that we go to the Kit Kat Klub for a nightcap, and that is just what we did.

One More For The Road

Well, for some reason or another "It's Fine With Me" Pat decided our behavior wasn't fine with her and now I am being blamed for leading her husband astray, Ruthie, who knows better, just want along to be polite. The Mysterious Chinese Woman was, as usual, mysterious.

Oh, and what did the girls do while we were misbehaving? They came back to my place and drank wine before going out for dinner and drinks. How they must have suffered.

So there you have it. Am I to blame? I think not.

Just Look At That Innocent Face

More on our adventures and misadventures later. Now I have to go and see if anyone is still talking to me.

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