Thursday, February 26, 2009

More Friends, More Mischief

Some more of my friends arrived in Puerto Vallarta today, fleeing the Minnesota winter. I got the time of their arrival wrong, however. I thought they were going to be here at noon but they weren't scheduled to arrive until 2:00 P.M. They are staying at La Palapa so we all decided to wait for them in the bar. What a surprise.


And Waiting

It was an easy wait, though. I was drinking excellent mojitos and we got complimentary, and really good sweet potato and plantain chips with a nice corn salsa.

After about an hour though we did get a bit peckish so we decided to have lunch. La Palapa is one of the classier restaurants on the beach and their food is excellent. We started out with a cerviche that was wrapped in guacomole to look like a lobster tail, albeit a green lobster tail.

The Mysterious Chinese Woman, A Bit Perplexed

The Green Lobster Tail

We also had sandwiches and mine, a mahi mahi sandwich, was excellent. Chris liked his Club Sandwich, and I forgot what the Mysterious Chinese Woman had but she said it was good. If you want to go top-of-the-line on the beach, you could do worse than La Palapa.

Soon enough my friends arrived and hailed us from their balcony.

Friends Jon, Ruthie, Jerry, and Pat

In the strange coincidence category, my friends are staying in the same unit at La Palapa in which there was a murder just a few days before. Someone apparently entered the unit through the sliding glass doors on the patio and was surprised during a burglery. The male occupent was then stabbed to death by the intruder. The unit is on the second floor and the intruder apparently gained entrance from the restaurant roof. The perpetrator has been apprehended and my friends didn't seem at all bothered. Kind of a "Things happen and what can you do about it" attitude.

They weren't particularly hungry and, of course I had just eaten, so we headed to Langostino's for a few buckets of beer.

Settling In, Puerto Vallarta Style

After unwinding a bit we decided to go for a little walk. For some reason we ended up crossing that little wooden bridge over the river.

And Across We Go

And Along Came Pat

Well, once you cross that bridge you are only a couple of blocks away from my favorite bar, La Gloria de Infierno. I would have been totally remiss if I hadn't brought them in.

The Boys Quickly Settled In

The Girls Did Too

Pat Really Settled In

She kept wanting to send a round of drinks to the boys at the bar, but I was able to dissuade her. Ruthie said she had a professional image to uphold and somehow managed to avoid being photographed. There might be one of her in someone else's camera though, and if I can get hold of it I shall post it.

From there we headed to my place for a beer and some popcorn.

Back To My Place

We ran into Dennis and Katherine on the way up and invited them in to join the fun.

The More The Merrier

Then we headed down to the pool deck for sunset and ran into a little party which we crashed. Well, not really. I knew about it in advance but it had kind of slipped my mind.

The Fun Never Stops

There was plenty of great food, so we all dug in.

Digging In

Most of it was provided by Marcie. She is an excellent cook and although her specialties are chocolate desserts, her chicken breasts and roasted broccoli were great. I am not a big chicken breast fan, preferring the legs and thighs, but these were really good. Nice and juicy and really flavorful.

Chef Marcie, On The Right

I am sad to say that I do not remember the name of the guy, but the other woman in the picture is Nina.

After the party we all headed over to my friends place for some more drinks and catching up. It was too dark and we were too busy chatting to take anymore pictures except for this one of the Pirate Ship returning to port.

Ahoy, Matey

My friends arrived two days ago so I have some catching up to do with yesterday's events. Today we are taking the bus to Mismaloya and Boca de Tomatlan so that will be fun. This is Jerry and Pat's first visit to Puerto Vallart so everything is new to them. That always makes things more fun.

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