Saturday, March 08, 2008

New Arrivals And Old Friends

Actually, the new arrivals are old friends, back from my Minneapolis days when I was just a young Bar Man. We do stay in touch though and manage to see each other a few times a year. Lately at least one of those times has been here in Puerto Vallarta. I greeted them with their welcoming drinks and Rico good naturedly drank his virgin margarita out of his sippy cup.

Sandy And Rico Having Their First Margarita

After they settled in Rico told me that he had a second opinion on his gall bladder and pancreas and was informed that he can indeed drink alcohol. Now what am I going to do with the case of non-alcoholic beer that I bought (and that cost me twice as much as regular beer)? I guess I can give it out to the kids on the beach.

We went to El Dorado for lunch and who should pass by but The Muffin Man. Tears of joy flooded both his and Sandy's eyes as they embraced.

Sandy And The Muffin Man

We spent the afternoon on the beach and then I took them to Canto del Mar so they could have a sunset cocktail and listen to Johnny. Charmer that he is, Johnny soon had Sandy enthralled.

Sandy And Johnny

It still gets a bit nippy in the evening, which is actually quite nice after a day in the sun, so shortly after sundown Rico and Sandy put on their jackets and shared a romantic embrace.

Ah, Still In Love After All These Years

Afterwards we went to Sweeny's for dinner but I was too occupied with my Porterhouse of Pork to take any pictures. Rico and Sandy had the spagetti special and the Mysterious Chinese Lady had chicken wings. I bought Sweeny's new 2008 St. Patrick's Day shirt and I promise I will take pictures next time we visit there. And we will visit again.

A few days before Rico and Sandy showed up I went to Canto del Mar with Sharon and Paul. We really do like that place. Again, Johnny was at his charming best.

Sharon And Johnny

Sharon's husband, Paul, wasn't too sure if he liked all of the attention being lavished on his wife.

Paul Keeping A Watchful Eye

Of course the Mysterious Chinese Woman was, as always, enthralled.

Heart Fluttering

This night we decided to eat here and they have very decent beach bar grub at a reasonable price. We shared three orders of fajitas; shrimp, chicken, and steak. Quite satisfying.

Fajitas For All

Today we are spending quality time on the beach and then heading out to the marina to hook up with a group for cocktails and dinner. I should have pictures to post tomorrow so be sure to stay tuned.