Monday, March 10, 2008

All Alison's Fault

We spent a nice leisurely day at the beach so I thought I would include this gratuitous picture just to get your attention.

Completely Gratuitous Picture

I am sure you would have all preferred to see Sandy and the Mysterious Chinese Woman in their bathing suits, but I guess you will just have to wait. They were being much too modest.

Anyway, we were simply soaking up the sun and having a few beers when our good friend Alison appeared with a pitcher of one of her specialty drinks, Chunkie Monkies. This was not good because they are not only delicious, they are deadly. Sadly I didn't get any pictures of this little treat, but no matter, there was more to come.

After polishing off the Chunkie Monkies and already feeling no pain we decided to head upstairs and, perhaps, take a bit of a nap before heading out for dinner. Alas, standing between us and our destination was the El Pirata Bar.

El Pirata Bar

Unfortunately for us, this guy wasn't the only one waiting for us.

Welcome, Friends

Inside dear friend Alison was awaiting us with shots of tequila. As you can see, we were in no position to turn her down.

Drink Or Die

Then, Alison being a well trained and highly professional bartender, the lovely bartender Mara was given instructions on how to make something called a Sinful Cindy or something like that. You can see her reaction as the list of ingredients began piling up.

And Then You Add What?

Of course you know this concoction would have a fair amount of booze in it.

Mara Adding The Finishing Touch

And when it was over we all partook.

Sharing The Communal Cup

Of course after a few of these there was nothing left to do but my world famous dwarf impersonation.

Performing All This Week

We even got one of the waiters, Raphael, to join in the fun.

Rico, Raphael, And Allison

After way to many Sinful Cindys or whatever they were we decided to head to Sweeny's for dinner. Last time I was there I bought one of his 2008 St. Patrick's Day shirts so I decided to wear that before sneaking out of my leprechaun lair.

Too Many Sinful Cindys Makes You Foolish

Stay tuned because I will be posting more on our night at Sweeny's shortly.