Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Heeere's Johnny

As any of you who have been to Mexico know, the beach features, among its other attractions, vendors of all types. Everything from jewelry (starting price 850 pesos for a silver bracelet, purchase price, 100 pesos) to shirts to fish on a stick. Once my friends Rico and Sandy get down here I will post pictures of Sandy's favorite vendor, the muffin man. He is already quivering with excitement anticipating Sandy's arrival.

A long time favorite is the guy who sells oysters. His signature cry is "Heeere's Johnny" in a great booming basso that, admittedly, doesn't sound at all like Jack Nicholson.

Heeere's Johnny

He also sings at a little beach-side restaurant right next door to the no longer scarey Burro Bar.

Canto del Mar

As you can see, it really is quite small, but a dynamite location.

Small, But Well Positioned

A whole gaggle of us decided to show up for sunset drinks and a show before heading out to dinner. We all were looking forward to seeing Johnny, but I don't think that is his real name, perform.

A Whole Gaggle Minus Bar Man

A Whole Gaggle Minus Marcie

Hey, someone has to take the pictures.

This guy really does have a great voice and stage (or sand) presence. Easily as good as many Las Vegas lounge shows that I have seen over the years. Not as good as Nudes on Ice, perhaps, but good nonetheless.

Johnny Performing

He is a real smoothie, entrancing the ladies:

Entrancing Marcie

Really Entrancing The Mysterious Chinese Lady

I could tell by the far-away look in the Mysterious Chinese Lady's eyes that she was seriously contemplating a permanent move to Mexico where she could be serenaded and eat oysters every day.

Visions Of Songs And Bivalve Mollusks

The never shy Bella also graced us with a song. She too has a very good voice.

Bella Belting One Out

While The Mysterious Chinese Woman looked smitten, Bella just looked mischieveous.

Bella, Up To Something I Am Sure

And, for old times sake, a picture of Bar Man at the bar.

Bar Man Plying His Trade

We all had a really good time, but what else is new. The frozen margaritas were reasonably priced and, unlike many you get, quite strong. This is most certainly a place I will come back to again. If it wasn't for The Mysterious Chinese Lady making me buy a CD (100 pesos)

Johnny All Cleaned Up

and my decision to buy a Bimbo football jersey (200 pesos)

Chris And Bar Man, Bimbos Forever

it would have been quite reasonable.

Now, just so you know, Bimbo is a well-regarded football team here in Mexico and these are authentic jerseys. I know because when I went to Toritos to watch the Knicks lose another game the Bimbo team was playing and there was quite a crowd of locals cheering them on. And these were the shirts they were wearing.

I Know You Want More Bimbos

Well, they weren't wearing these specific shirts, but shirts that looked just like them.

Grupo Bimbo is a Mexican baking company, you see their trucks all over the place, and they are, of course, the sponsors of the team. I think they are affiliated with the United States company Bambi. When I was but a little Bar Boy Bambi trucks used to deliver bakery products right to your door. But then that was back in the day when the milk man used to deliver your milk to your door as well.

After the entertainment we all headed out for dinner, but you will have to wait for those photos. I am off to the beach.


Davewillie said...

Circle K stores in Phoenix in Tucson do or did carry Bimbo bakery products.

paula said...

Bimbo products are extremely prevelant in Ft. Myers. But we also have a very high population of Hispanic neighbors. I have to laugh every time I see Bimbo as it sometimes refers to a dizzy dumb female. I know a girl whose last name is Bimbo. Dont want to be her.

Scott said...

That's a Chivas jersey, one of the elite teams in the Pimera Division de Mexico. They're like the New York Yankees of Mexican futbol.

I'm sure you'll get compliments if you wear it around NYC.

Anonymous said...