Friday, March 07, 2008

We Could Hardly Wok

Ah, I can start my blog with a little history lesson. As many of you may know, it was the movie Night Of The Iguana that first put the sleepy little fishing village of Puerto Vallarta on the map. The movie starred, of course, Richard Burton, but NOT Elizabeth Taylor. Ava Gardner was the female lead along with Sue Lyon and Grayson Hall, who received an Academy Award nomination for her role as a latent lesbian. Hey, it was a based on a play by Tennesee Williams, so what would you expect.

Although Elizabeth Taylor was not in the film she showed up in Puerto Vallarta because she and Richard Burton were having a steamy adulterous affair at the time. Elizabeth was married to, of all people, Eddie Fisher, at the time. At least I think so. She was married eight times, twice to Richard Burton. Interestingly her first marriage was to Nicky Hilton of Hilton Hotel fame (shades of Paris) and her last was to Larry Fortensky, a truck driver. Even plastic surgery only goes so far.

But, I digress. John Huston directed the film and his personal chef was, drum roll please, Archie. He started the restaurant and after he died his wife, Cindy, took over. I don't know if she is still alive or not.

Just A Short Walk To Archie's Wok

There were eight of us so we had about a forty-five minute wait. No reservations accepted. We didn't care though. We had already had our sunset cocktails and Archie's does provide sidewalk service.

Brown Paper Bags Not Required

The participants in our night on the town were:

Sharon And Paul

Allison And Steve

Don And Donna

And, of course,

The Mysterious Chinese Woman And Bar Man

The food was great. We all had a delicious soup and then ordered a variety of dishes that we shared. This is a must-go-to restaurant if you are ever in Puerto Vallarta.

Ready To Tuck In

After having a rolicking good time at Archies we all headed to the infamous Kit Kat for after dinner drinks.

Kit Kat

I could tell you stories about Kit Kat but some of them involve blood and a friend being prohibited by his wife from ever setting foot inside again. But what the hell, it wasn't my blood and I can still drink there any time I want.

Nicely Appointed Bar

Nightcaps For All

And, just because I know you can never see enough pictures of me and the Mysterious Chinese Woman, one last shot to sear itself into your mind.

Bar Man And Mysterious Chinese Woman

My friends Rico and Sandy are showing up today so I have to make welcoming drinks for them. Poor Rico can't have anything alcoholic to drink because he is having problems with his gall bladder. Sympathetic friend that I am, I am going to make him a non-alchoholic version of my blended margarita. But, what are friends for if you can't kick a man while he is down. Here is how it will be served to him.

Tea, But No Sympathy

Hey, what are friends for.


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