Wednesday, March 05, 2008

After The Show

After listening to Johnny and watching the sun go down we decided to head out for dinner. We found this place and it looked interesting enough.

La Tia Catrina

We all sat down for some mighty fine food and decent, if strangely named, drinks. The May Thay did taste like a decent Mai Tai though.

The Crowd Gathers

To go along with the restaurant's sign, there were some equally macabre decorations inside as well.

The Service Must Be Really Slow

I Think I Will Stick With The Fish

But, speaking of macabre, look who showed up one last time before actually departing:

Especially Frank And Lovely Wife Carol

But, I swear, he is gone for good now. Not to be seen until next year when, not unlike the whales, he will return to Bandera's Bay.

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