Friday, February 29, 2008


You remember Especially Frank? Well, as I said, he got that name because the night before our hike he assured me how he would be there for me if I needed a helping hand. He did this at dinner so I thought it would only be right to post a couple of pictures of that memorable affair.

Especially Frank picked this place and I have to say he made a good choice. The food was delicious and the prices were most reasonable.


And here we are, where promises were made, and subsequently broken.

The Crowd At Polo's

For those of you interested, from left to right we have Especially Frank, Carol, his lovely wife, the Mysterious Chinese Woman, Chris, and Bar Man.

The other night we had a lovely view of the eclipse and it was, to me, quite impressive to see it. Not the best pictures, but the best that I could do.

It really was much better seeing it first hand.

Tomorrow I will try to have some more interesting things to post about. Especially Frank has returned to the frozen tundra that he calls home so we will be seeing no more of him. At least until next year.

Actually, this was kind of a boring post so I will add a gratuitous shot for your viewing pleasure.

Sometimes You Just Don't Want To Know

I can only assume that Bella and Marcie had met a long lost friend.