Sunday, March 16, 2008

Breakfast At Juan Place Or Another

We decided to take a bus out to Mismaloya today for breakfast, visit the nearby zoo, and then head to Boca Tomatlan for drinks and snacks afterwards. It is always a fun trip and getting there on the bus is half the fun.

We picked up the bus just outside of Steve's Sports Bar and in about twenty minutes or so disembarked at Mismaloya. You head down a dirt road behind the big hotel towards the beach to get to our favorite little restaurant.

Heading Down The Road

Before you get to the beach, which is always overcrowded, you come to a little bridge across the Rio Mismaloya.

The Little Bridge

In years past you had to kind of know where the bridge was or you would walk right by it. The restaurant has gone all out this year though and now has new signage.

Can't Miss The Place

Although the sign was new the restaurant, fortunately, hadn't changed. At least in appearance.

Same Old Place

There is always some confusion as to the name of the restaurant. The new sign says Crows Nest, but it is also referred to as Juan's Place and Ramada Miramar. Probably an integral part of the entire Ramada Inn empire.

We found out that new people had rented the restaurant but that Juan, the cook, was still there. Unfortunately he wasn't going to be in until noon on this day so the new people had to handle the kitchen. I think they needed a bit of practice.

Sitting Down For Breakfast

I am sure you recognize the crowd by now, Sharon, Paul, Sandy, Rico, Mysterious Chinese Woman, Bar Man.

I saw the octopus with garlic on the menu but was told that the octopus wasn't ready yet. That was disappointing. I figured if I ordered scrambled eggs with octopus they could just drop the octopus into the eggs and he could scramble them himself while he and the eggs were being cooked.

Rico decided to be a bit of a contrarian and while the rest of us ordered eggs and coffee and orange juice or fruit for breakfast he opted for a hamburger and a beer.

Breakfast Of Champions

In terms of how quickly you got your meal, Rico was the winner by far. In second place came Sandy who had a fruit platter. Even the orange juice came out in stages. It took forever for the eggs to be served and then they only came out two orders at a time until my order which came out last. You would think if you have a sign advertising breakfast specials you would be able to pop them out pretty quickly. We weren't in any big hurry, but 45 minutes to get scrambled eggs seemed a bit much. They really need to wake up Juan a bit earlier.

One nice thing though, we told them we were going to the zoo and they wrote us a note that knocked 100 pesos off of the 1000 peso admission. I will be posting more about the rest of our trip over the next few days so stay tuned.

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