Sunday, March 16, 2008

Things That Make You Go Huh

As many of you know, when in Puerto Vallarta I stay at Playa del Sol.

Playa del Sol

I have what is called a fractional ownership. This means that I have "own" four weeks, always the same four weeks and always in the same unit, each year. My friends Bruce and Donna "own" the four weeks preceding mine so together we "own" eight weeks in the same unit every year.

I put the word "own" in quotation marks because what we really have is a fifty year trust that is held by a bank. Within fifty miles of the ocean and borders you are not permitted to actually own property unless you are a Mexican citizen.

Now Playa del Sol certainly does not discriminate based upon your sexual preferences, it is primarily older heterosexual couples that own here. Two doors down from us is the Blue Chairs which advertises itself as "The largest Gay and Lesbian beachfront resort in the world!" I guess the owner of Playa del Sol has decided to try to capitalize on this and is now advertising Playa del Sol as Blue Seas, a gay and lesbian resort. Needless to say this is quite a surprise to those of us staying here.

You can check out this new promotion at:

  • Blue Seas

  • I suspect that anyone who actually booked here through that site expecting to find something similar to the Blue Chairs would be in for a bit of a shock.