Thursday, March 13, 2008

Fish On A Stick

Not too far down the beach from where we stay in Puerto Vallarta is a Mexican stand where they grill fish and shrimp to sell on the beach. It is also a popular place for the vendors to stop and have lunch. It is largely a family affair and has been in the same family for at least two generations that I know of. The woman running it now took over after her mother died a few years back.

If you ask a couple of days in advance they will buy whole red snappers and cook them over the coals for you. This used to be much more common in the past, but you don't see it too much anymore. We ordered two of them on Sunday and said we would like to have them at 1:00 P.M. on Monday for lunch. "No Problemo" she said.

Well late Monday morning she hadn't begun to set up yet and everyone was wondering if she had the day off, was partying too late the night before, did she forget, or what? Oh we of little faith. About 11:00 A.M. she started to set up shop. A bit later than usual, perhaps, but hey, it is Mexico and she is her own boss.

Getting The Coals Going

After setting up a bunch of the fish filets and shrimp on sticks to sell on the beach she broke out the snappers.

Red Snappers In The Sunshine

She then scaled and cleaned them and added whatever spice mixture she uses.

Preparing The Snappers

And before long they were on the sticks and over the coals.

Snapper On A Stick (Sounds Like Fair Food)

A short while latter they were done and delivered to our little table on the beach, complete with fresh limons to squeeze over them and a bottle of hot sauce for those who wished to spice them up a bit.

The Finished Product

Needless to say they were delicious, and fresher fish you just cannot get. Easily as good as any of the restaurant fare and at a little less than $9 each a real bargain. Sandy and Rico ate their's to the bone in no time flat.

Good To The Bone

I settled in to enjoy mine as well.

Bar Man Tucking In

And the Mysterious Chinese Woman wasn't far behind.

Member Of The Clean Plate Club

All and all it was another memorable meal.

What is a bit sad and somewhat indicative of the mindset of a lot of vacationers here is that many of them actually wanted this stand to be removed from the beach because it detracted from their version of paradise. I mean, Who wants a little stand run by Mexicans where the vendors can gather and have lunch located so close to your beach chairs and unbrellas? Ironic, because these are the same people who complain if the city makes any changes that are deemed to be changing Puerto Vallarta from the simple little fishing village it once was but benefit the residents who live here all year round. Go figure. I guess they would be happier if only the tourists could drive cars and ride in tour buses but the locals all had to use donkies.


pvkid said...

I have eaten at that stand many times. I spend most of the winter months in Puerto Vallarta at my condo on Los Muertos beach
It is a shame that some people do not like the old Puerto Vallarta.
Jeff the pvkid

paula said...

Having spent vacations in Mexico with my friends and having actually driven from Minneapolis to Mexico and flown to Mexico City and bussed to everywhere in Mexico, I wanted to return. It appears it has been taken over tourists who want to make it like home. Stay home then.

paula said...

I cant help myself. Mexico seems more American than Ft. Myers. Why would you want to eat yankee pot roast in Mexico? I have more ethnic eateries than you. I am upset that the country you are visiting trys to make it like your home than you are making it more like home to them. Ebracing the ethnicicity of the country you are visiting is part of it.

berklingaly said...