Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Striped Goats

In my previous post about Bimbo I provided a bit of erroneous information. The Mexican football team that wears these shirts is Chivas de Guadalajara. This is a very venerable team that was founded in 1906. The team plays their home games in Jalisco Stadium which is located in Guadalajara. The team colors are red and white stripes, as you may have gathered. The team nickname is Chivas Rayadas or Striped Goats.

When I wear my Chivas shirt around Puerto Vallarta I get a few snickers from the tourists but a number of thumbs up and pats on the back from the locals, many of whom also wear these shirts.

Striped Goats Supporters

As an added bit of information, Chivas de Guadalajara is the only soccer team in Mexico's history that has only fielded Mexican-born players. Maybe that partially explains their popularity. Supposedly it is not only the most popular team in Mexico but the second most popular team in the world. Its popularity lead to the forming of a Major League Soccer expansion club in the United States, Chivas USA.

Now don't you want one of these shirts?