Tuesday, March 18, 2008

St. Patrick's Day In Paradise

Ah, nothing like celebrating St. Patricks day in sunny Puerto Vallarta. I am truly disturbed that in the United States many cities celebrated St. Patrick's day on Saturday, March 15th. That is sinful. It would be like celebrating Christmas on December 23rd so it wouldn't interfere with the work-week. It is embarrassing. Almost as bad as us calling our annual baseball play-off the World Series when everyone else has a once every four year World Cup for football that actually is world-wide in it's scope. But, I digress.

As in previous years the day started off early with Alison showing up at my door looking for her first green margarita of the day. And, as in previous years, I was prepared.

Top Of The Morning To You

An innocent enough beginning to what would be a long day. After finishing our morning libations we hooked up with the rest of the crew and headed to Sweeny's for lunch.

Heading To Sweeny's

It didn't take us long to settle in with more green margaritas.

The Crew Settles In

Our hostess with the mostest was Trish, who we certainly kept busy. Not that she seemed to mind.

Sharon And Trish

It didn't take long for us to cause a shortage of glasses so we were forced, forced I tell you, to begin ordering our margaritas by the pitcher.

Steve And Alison, Pretty As A Pitcher

Soon we moved on to Tequila shooters. So much fun.

Bending Over Backwards For A Shooter

Alison made a fine recovery while the rest of us were making bets as to whether she would bounce off the awning below or fall straight through it.

No Winners

Bar Man seldom smokes, but Alison is an evil influence so the two of us snuck off to the bar for a quick one.

Smoking At The Bar

Of course we were caught in the act by our roving photographer, Sharon.

Sharon Snapping Away

Sharon And Paul behaved much better than the rest of us.

Sharon And Paul Acting Mature

Some of you may notice that Sharon is wearing my shirt. I already had my green Sweeney's shirt so I loaned her mine for the day so get rid of any dirty thoughts you may have had about how she acquired it.

Stephen had to go back to his place to await a guest who was arriving from Seattle on an afternoon flight. The rest of us headed to Joe Jack's Fish Shack for green Mojitos.

Next Stop, Joe Jack's

The Fun Just Never Stops

I thoroughly embarassed myself by having a Mai Tai, complete with fruit and an umbrella.

The Shame Of It All

We had a great bartender but, sadly, I forgot his name. I will update this entry once I remember it.

Our Able-Bodied Bartender

After several drinks at Joe Jack's we all headed back to meet the new arrival. Evil Alison though had to stop in at the little store on the way home to get a few beers for the road.

Hey, It Is A Long Two Blocks

We hooked up with Steve and Alison's friend Nancy who was having a drink with Steve on their balcony.

Steve And Nancy

We then proceeded to show Nancy around. Somehow or another the first stop was back at my place where I made green peach coladas for everyone.

Just Peachy Margaritas

Next stop on our tour was El Pirata Bar

Hey Sailor, Looking For Some Action?

Of course we headed in and had our favorite bartender whip us up some of those Sinful Cindys.

Not Green, But Not Bad

And the Mysterious Chinese Woman showed up in her sombrero and entertained us with ribald songs and a somewhat raunchy dance.

La Kookie Rauncho

The last stop on our little tour was the pool deck where friend Tom had anticipated our arrival and had green jello shots waiting for us.

Paul, Steve, Tom And Alison Shooting The Shots

They Just Slide Right Down

As the day wound down Alison ended up back at my place in almost the same position as when she started the day.

Almost, But Not Quite

Well, as you can tell by the date of this post, St. Patrick's Day was actually yesterday. But I woke up this morning and what did I see, a green Margarita in the freezer, just waiting for me.

My Morning Eye-Opener

I shall continue my posts about our trip to the zoo and Boca de Tomtalan, but I would have been remiss if I had not shared my St. Patrick's Day with you.

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