Friday, February 05, 2010

Still Gloomy

But, as a few people have commented, I should not complain. It is worse back home in Brooklyn. At least it isn't raining, yet. Just really overcast. Last night we lost power for a bit and this morning we don't have any cable or satellite or whatever television service we usually have. Forced to spend the morning watching Spanish lanquage cartoons.

Here are a couple of pictures from Wednesday to give you an idea of what it was like. They don't really do the rain justice, though.

The View From My Balcony

A Little Waterfall Across The Street

A Brief Interlude

The Joys Of Eating At Home

Hey, it wasn't all that bad, but I sure hope it doesn't rain all day again today. I want to get out and take a couple of exterior shots of where we celebrated the Mysterious Chinese Woman's non-birthday and birthday so I can post those pictures.

Here Is A Teaser

You know you are getting old when you remember when a 100 point move in the Dow was an unusual occurence.

Grrr, it just started raining again. It looks like it might clear up though, but I can't really see what might be lying behind the mountains and moving this way.

Trivia time, Do you know the first solo Beatle to have seven consecutive Top Ten singles? Drum roll please. It was Ringo Starr. I know this because he is playing Radio City in New York in July and there was a nice article about him in the New York Daily News.


Poetgrrl said...

Long-time follower, I don't comment much...Just wanted to wish MCW belated birthday might think it's gloomy but those pictures your posted are GORGEOUS to me. Enjoy! : )

Bar Man said...

The weather is much better now. We just had a couple of days of very unusual weather. Not just rain, thunder and lightning, but extremely high winds. Lots of fallen tree limbs and roof tiles.