Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Gloomy, Gloomy, Gloomy

I will post pictures tomorrow. Too rainy and gloomy to do anything but drink today. I have been coming to Puerto Vallarta for over twenty years and have never seen weather like this before. Just a steady overcast, rainy day and chilly. Rained all night, although we did make it to dinner and back last night before it started. The rain never let up all day. Supposed to be like this tomorrow too. Had a slight break and I made it to the nearby bodega or whatever they call it in Mexico and got some wine, great tacos and a cheese and chorizo fondue thing to bring back home.

I am now on my second Prey novel by Sandford and listening to Jimmy Buffet to keep my spirits up.

Am I the only one who thinks President Obama should be spending more time in Washington trying to fix our problems than in places like New Hampshire at town hall meetings trying to explain what he is trying to do? I don't mean to be political, but his advisors should tell him to spend less time in front of the cameras trying to impress us with his eloquence and more time behind his desk trying to get things done.

Eloquence: the practice or art of using language with fluency and aptness.

I love this whole "Don't ask, don't tell" policy debate. When I was in the Army the top of the chain of command was the President of The United States. I also learned that you didn't disobey a direct order from a superior unless you wanted to face a court martial. Maybe I am missing something here, but can't President Obama just issue an order that you can't discriminate against homosexuals in the military, if that is what he really wants? If it isn't what he wants, stop beating around the bush and say so.

Politics: The art of avoiding responsibility while trying to convince people you are in charge and simultaneously trying to stay in office.

I am begining to see the advantages of a benign dictatorship.

Actually, I thought you had to be gay to join the Navy. Probably because I watched South Pacific when I was young. Except for the Seabees, John Wayne was in the Seabees, at least in that one movie. But come to think of it, John Wayne's real name was Marion Morrison. And Wayne's conquests allegedly included Randolph Scott, Joel McCrea and Montgomery Clift, with whom he allegedly had a torrid affair during the making of Red River in 1948.

I am just cranky because it is cold and rainy when it is supposed to be sunny and warm.

Still, a million things that need fixing and President Obama thinks his time is best spent in New Hampshire at a town hall meeting. Got to wonder.

I promise, I will be more upbeat tomorrow, regardless of the weather.


stillife said...

First-time commenter, long-time reader. I agree with your points about President Obama.

Sorry about the weather. I like to live vicariously through your travel posts and I can't do that when it's raining in Puerto Vallarta!. Rest assured, though, the weather is worse in Brooklyn!

Oh, and happy birthday to the Mysterious Chinese Woman.

russ said...

yeah, quit your bitching, you aren't stuck in a snow drift in MN. Go get a picture of whatever they were catching yesterday, and a nice picture of a pelican wouldn't hurt either. HAPPY BD,MCW!!

Thomas said...

Hope the weather clears up. I can't imagine being in Puerto Vallarta when it's raining all day. What a waste!

Daniel said...

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