Monday, February 01, 2010

A Confusing Day

Ah, morning in Puerto Vallarta. And here is a picture of my little paradise by the sea. It was Playa de Sol when I bought, then became Blue Seas when the owner tried to reposition it as a gay and lesbian (aren't lesbians gay) resort, and is soon to become something like One Beach Street Vallarta now that we have a new owner. Life here is a bit like a soap opera.

Currently Blue Seas

Across the street they must have had a party or something, but it looks like I missed it.

The Sad Remnants

We went to bed so early on the day we arrived that we were up well before dawn. Once dawn broke we decided to head out for a bit of breakfast and saw the early morning deliveries being made.

Truck, I Don't Need No Truck

Both yesterday and today I noticed an unusually large number of pelicans close to shore and even walking along the beach. I figured there must be a lot of fish in close because they were feeding like mad. Then this morning on the way to breakfast we passed all of these guys with their fishing lines.

Competing With The Pelicans

We hit Langostino's for breakfast so we could eat and look out at Banderas Bay.

Not Bad For About Five Bucks

Although my time down here starts on January 30th when I use my friend Bruce's time as well as my own, last year we came down on January 31st to take a non-stop flight out of Newark. Continental, for some reason, only runs the non-stops on Saturdays and, maybe Sundays. The Mysterious Chinese Woman celebrates her "official" birthday on February 1st so last year the day after we arrived we went out to dinner to celebrate.

This year, not really thinking about it, I just assumed that the day after we arrived it would be her birthday. I gave her a good morning kiss and wished her a happy birthday and she did nothing to dispell my opinion. Later we met friends by the pool for cocktails and I told them it was the Mysterious Chinese Woman's birthday and I was going to take her to La Palapa for dinner. Before it was all over there were nine of us celebrating her birthday and she even got a nice little birthday dessert at the restaurant.

Of course it really wasn't her birthday at all. Today is her "official" birthday. The Mysterious Chinese Woman claims she didn't realize the mistake either, but I have my suspicions.

For some reason I didn't bring my camera but my friend Marcie did. I will try to borrow her camera today and upload the pictures of the non-birthday party (I kind of feel like the Mad Hatter) to post later.

By the way, the Mysterious Chinese Woman has her "official" birthday and then her real birthday which is based on the Chinese lunar calendar, and only my Mysterious Chinese Mother-In-Law can it figure out. I try to keep the number of birthday celebrations down to just two a year, but obviously failed this time around. The Mysterious Chinese Woman claims that last night was just a Birthday Eve celebration.

This is usually the dry season down here but we had a sprinkle in the afternoon yesterday, more sprinkles in the evening, and a real storm after we were all safely home from dinner. This morning it was still raining when I woke up but has stopped now. Looking toward the mountains it was still really overcast and gray.

A Gray Beginning

Looking out over the bay, though, you could see it was starting to clear and the storm appeared to be moving east fairly rapidly.

Things Are Looking Brighter

I think I will go down and hit the gym now. I vowed not to just let myself go during the eight weeks that I am here and try to at least attempt to counter some of the effects of the tequila and beer that I consume. I will say, however, that you do walk a lot while you are here and once you get off the beach a few blocks it is a lot of up and down, so that helps. Then I will scout out a suitable location to take the Mysterious Chinese Woman for her real "official" birthday. I doubt if everyone who went last night will be tagging along, though.

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