Wednesday, August 05, 2009

To Market We Did Go

Another day of hitting the streets and seeing the sights. Always something going on around here. We are kind of outside the city walls and down by the river here.

Street Action

As I said, this place is a great tune-up for Puerto Vallarta.

No Place For The Faint Of Heart

Yet Another Fun Filled Avenue

There is more of a story to the painting on the side of the building than I really know. Supposedly it depicts something of the history of Quebec City. And, amazingly, it is not covered in graffiti. That is something else you do not see much of here, graffiti. Oh, you see a bit, but only on newer structures in the warehouse district. Nobody seems to touch any of the historic stuff.

Nice Paint Job

This was a great little gellato, pastry and candy store. We were not really in the mood for anything this time, but there is a good chance we will stop by again.

Sweets For My Sweet

A Great Assortment Of Gellato

Pastries And Candies

And Even More

I thought this was a pretty clever sign for a public restroom.

Charming, If Not Charmin

A lot of the cannons that once guarded Quebec City are still in place along the city wall, and here some of the local school children are learning the fine art of, well, loading a cannon.

Kids, Do Not Do This At Home

We took a lunch break at a nice Italian restaurant just around the corner from our hotel.


They had really good thin-crust pizza. Every bit as good as what you get in New York, and I know it is kind of a sin to say such a thing. I also had a really delicious chicken breast and mozzarela sandwich on nice crispy bread. They really do a good job on bread here.

And, Of Course, Beer

We continued our wandering and stumbled upon a great farmers market down by the river. Apparently it has been here for a very long time. Back in the day the farmers would bring their produce here by boat and sell it to the city residents.

The Market

The market is quite large and they sold everything from produce to wine to cheese to sausages and fish here. Really an interesting place to just look around.

The Produce Section, One Of Many

Fresh Herbs

More Produce

All Kinds Of Spices

Smoked And Fresh Fish

Sausages And Pate

There is also a place where you can buy sandwiches and beer and then take them outside to eat overlooking the river.

The Garden Area

Bar Man Enjoying A Cold One

We bought a most delicious local white wine, some bread, cheese, smoked fish, and some dried beef and had a very enjoyable dinner in our hotel room.

Just Perfect

The market was a real hit and we had enough stuff left over for the next night as well. Except for the wine, that we will have to replenish.

I am still running a couple of days behind on my posts. We went to the market on Monday and it is now Wednesday. We are heading out to more fireworks tonight, but I forget which country is exhibiting. I will let you know tomorrow.