Thursday, August 06, 2009

A Lazy Day

We did not do a whole lot on Tuesday, just kind of meandered around down by the river. As I have mentioned, this area is outside and below the walled part of Quebec City. For those not inclined to climb up and down you can pay to take the funicular.

The Lazy Way Out

Street entertainers abound in Quebec City, and this fellow did a most excellent job of playing those water-filled glasses. My niece would have liked this. I taught her how do totally disrupt a restaurant by making her water glass shriek. She loves her uncle, but her parents are not quite so sure about their feelings. This is the same neice that brought my book Walter The Farting Dog to school and got sent home with a note from her teacher.

Playing The Glasses

The little cafes on the landings of the stairs reminded me a bit of Hong Kong. There they have this huge series of escalators that go down the mountain in the morning and up at night. Every so often there is a landing where there are shops and cafes and bars. Of course the scale is much larger than here.

A Place To Rest

A Refreshing Break

We just walked around a bit and took a few shots of the scenery from up high.

Scenic View

This place caught my eye. What a neat place to live. I could smoke and grill whenever I wanted, local ordinances permitting, of course.

A Country Place In The City

We had a relatively early dinner back in our hotel with a fresh bottle of wine and the remains of what we had bought at the market the day before.

Just As Good The Second Day

Afterwards we went out to check on a large installation of images projected on the sides of a row of grain elevators across the river. We found out that there was no show on Tuesday nights so we headed back home. Luckily, all was not lost because I found my new favorite bar. It is just down the hill a bit from St. Patrick Pub. But it is on a side street and the tourists have not found it yet. Kind of funny, just twenty yards up the hill the St. Patrick Pub is packed and this place is almost empty. In fact it was just me, the Mysterious Chinese Woman, one other fellow, and the Bartender and owner of the place.

A Bar Man Kind Of Bar

Bar Man Quaffing A Local Brew

I went back the next day to get a better picture in the light and stopped in for another cold one. I also talked to the owner a bit, fellow named Bernard. Quite an interesting character. For some reason we got talking about the Bodies exhibit they have here, the same one that they have in New York. He had been quite fascinated by it but I cannot get the Mysterious Chinese Woman to go. Next time I stop in here I will have to write down the name of the place.

A Daytime Shot

We went to the fireworks last night. It was Spains (sorry, still do not know how to get that apostrophe in there on this keyboard) turn. But more on that in my next post. I did find out the name of the waterfall though, De La Chute - Montmorency, or Montmorency Falls. It is 83 meters tall, and that is 30 meters taller than Niagra.

De La Chute - Montmorency

Yesterday I had cassolette de fois et de rognons de lapin sauce moutarde for lunch. For those of you who do not know French, you will have to wait for my next post to find out what it was.

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