Monday, August 03, 2009

Snails On Your Pizza

Just a couple of offerings from the restaurant next door to our hotel: Bavette Cheval, Echalotes, Vin Rouge et Ali and Pizza with Sauce Tomate, Escargots, Champignons, Fromage et Olives. Yep, you guessed it, that is Flank Steak of Horse, Shallots, Red Wine and Garlic and a Pizza with Tomato Sauce, Snails, Mushrooms, Cheese and Olives. Hey, I had horse tartare when I was in Italy, and it wasn't too bad.

This is the charming hotel where we are staying. Right in the heart of things and with a most accomodating staff.

L'Hotel du Vieux Quebec

You will notice that on this keyboard I can find the apostrophe but I can't do those cute little 'e' things.

Right across the street from the hotel is the St. Patrick Pub. I saw this on the way to the hotel. We were dropped off about four blocks away because the street is closed to automobile traffic. It looked promising even from afar. When Pierrot at the front desk recommended it I had to make it my first stop.

St. Patrick Pub

My First Cold One In Quebec City

Her's Too

This window, of the St. Patrick Pub, caught my eye. For obvious reasons.

Ninety-Nine Bottles Of Beer In The Window, If One...

There are all kinds of interesting little side streets in Quecbec City, and right around the corner from all of the outdoor seating for the St. Patrick Pub is a back entrance to a more traditional Irish pub. Actually, a more traditional Irish pub part of the St. Patrick Pub.

Just Around The Corner

And Through This Door

I had a more traditional Guinness in here, something with a bit of a chew to it.

Chewing My Guinness

We wandered down the street a bit and was amazed that there were lines to get into almost everywhere. I guess because it was a Saturday night, lovely weather, and the height of tourist season that this wasn't unexpected. The only reason we got in here was because we were just having a drink, and there were a couple of seats open at the little bar in the back.

La Pointe

A Pint

It was getting about that time to head to the fireworks. We took a shuttle bus to where they were going to be held, a beautiful setting with a very nice waterfalls. I will have to look up the name later.

La Chute Something Or Another

And, of course, a spectacular fireworks display. Just the first of the four we will be seeing.



And then we took the bus home and called it a night.

One of the nice things about this hotel is that every morning they hang a little basket on a hook on your door and you get to have a little picnic when you wake up. Combine that with the coffee you can make in your room and it is a great way to start the day.

Our Morning Picnic

We walked abut two-thirds of the way around the walled city yesterday. Nice little paths and boardwalks. Today we will finish it off and maybe I will post a few pictures. Quite a nice little walk and it was a good thing we got it in early. It rained cats and dogs in the afternoon. More pictures of that coming as well. I don't want to tie up the PC here for too long. I was happy to see that I can upload my pictures, but I have to post them as I took them, no Photoshop to make me look better.