Friday, August 07, 2009

A Stormy Friday

Woke up this morning to thunder and lightening so I do not know if I will be getting out much today. I did manage to find out the name of my now favorite bar.


Got into a bit of a discussion about health care. At least in this bar everyone seemed pretty happy with what Canada has. Someone did ask me if it was true that in the United States there are actually television advertisements for hip replacement surgery. When I said yes everyone pretty much spit out their beer laughing. Even I could see the humor, although I am still waiting for Vince, the ShamWow guy, to offer a two for the price of one special if you call right now, because you know they cannot be doing this all day.

They have these neat little Ecolobuses here that have a route around the walled city and the area down by the river. They are free and, if you can get on, quite a nice deal. We were lucky the other day to get on one that took us down to the Museum of Civilization.

An Ecolobus

They started these little buses last year for the 400 year anniversary of Quebec City and they were such a hit they now run them year round.

We got off right in front of the museum and I bet you can almost guess what the featured exhibit was.

The Mysterious Chinese Woman And Her Momie

They did not allow you to take pictures inside the museum, but they had a nice little terraced garden and whimsical figures outside.

Without Further Ado

They had several interesting exhibits inside and I actually learned quite a bit about the history of Quebec and Quebec City. I will not bore you with that here, though.

Another very interesting exhibit was about extraterestrials. It had short clips from old science fiction movies, of course, but a lot more. There was a pretty interesting exhibit showing how certain attributes on earth have evolved independently in different species and under different conditions, eyes, for example. This lead to speculation that if there was life on other planets it may be that some of these same features may be a part of that life.

Then there was an exhibit of species that have recently been found that live under conditions that were once thought unable to sustain life. Organisms that live in highly acidic environments, or in extreme heat or cold. This, of course led to speculation that life may very well exist in places we do not think it is possible.

It was a very interesting exhibit. And, unlike the Museum of Civilizaton in Paris, all of the information was in both French and English.

We took a break half-way through our stroll through the museum and hit a very nice restaurant not too far away.

Le Lupin Saute

And I bet you can guess their featured dish.

It Is Not Duck

Despite my funny face, the wine was quite good.

Bar Man Being Funny

I started out with a nice little beet and greens salad.

Getting My Veggies

This was followed by my Cassolette de Fois et de Rognons de Lapin Sauce Moutarde.

Rabbit Livers And Kidneys With Mustard Sauce

Well, it was on the menu, and how often do you see something like this. Of course I had to order it. And, it was surprizingly good. The kidneys had a texture somewhat like chicken hearts, but a bit softer and the liver was like, well, liver. Not sure I would order it again, but I am glad I tried it.

The Mysterious Chinese Woman opted for something a bit more traditional, salmon on a plank.

Eat The Fish, Not The Plank

After finishing our tour of the museum we headed on home. As I have said, there is always something going on around here.

A Most Excellent Juggler

We headed home and took a bit of a nap before heading out to the fireworks.

More Ooze

And Oz

Yet another fun-filled day. This was Wednesday so I still have tomorrow to post about, although we did not do a whole lot. And with the rain today, I am not sure what we be doing. Luckily there is a very nice restaurant right next to the hotel. The same one we ate in the last time it rained. And we have a DVD player in the room and they have a large selection of DVDs to chose from.

And Lostradamus is not that far away.

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