Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Senor Sweeny's

After our little episode at El Pirata (it was all Alison's fault) some of us headed out to Senor Sweeny's for dinner.

Senor Sweeny's

Senor Sweeny's is an upstairs place, not very large, that you get through by entering a narrow doorway and going up an equally narrow staircase.

About To Head Up

Sweeny is from my neck of the woods, or what used to be my neck of the woods. He has a bar in St. Paul, twin city to Minneapolis where I grew up. This is one of my favorite places here in Puerto Vallarta. During the day it is a nice spot for a cold beer. You can sit on the balcony and overlook the main drag of the town on this side of the Rio Cuale. In the evening you can get a very good meal for a very reasonable price. The Porter House of Pork is the best pork chop in town. People line up for the Spaghetti Special on, I believe, Friday's. They have a Cheap Charlie's Shrimp Cocktail that people rave about.

The Crowd Gathers For Dinner

As you probably know by now, that is Rico, Yours Truly, the Mysterious Chinese Woman, and Sandy sitting around the table.

The Mysterious Chinese Woman had the Mahi Mahi in Veracruz sauce, generous portion and quite tasty.

Mahi Mahi Veracruz Style

Rico opted for the Yankee Pot Roast which was the daily special.

Just Like Mom Made

Sandy and I each got Spicy Chicken Wings, quite delicioso.

Just Winging It

There is always a decent crowd in here in the evenings, but sometimes you will see a few dogs at the bar.

A Bowl Of Beer, Please

But, at the end of the night and after a few drinks, everyone looks good to someone.

Your Place Or Mine?

They will probably both end up in the doghouse tomorrow.