Sunday, May 01, 2011

Enough With The iPad

Okay, my final post on the subject of my iPad.

First, I have said many times that I am on a learning curve and some of the things I have encountered are less than intuitive, in my opinion.

Second, I don't see why I should have to load an Apple application onto my PC in order to get my iPad to work.

Third, I don't understand why I have to give out my credit card information to be able to use my iPad.

Fourth, no iPad ad that I have ever seen indicates the need to buy an additional iPad Camera Connection Kit to use any of the nifty photo apps they have and tout in their ads.

Fifth, nobody seems to contradict any of my factual comments about my experience with the iPad.  Instead they seem to suggest that I am "technically challenged."  I would suggest that my technical credentials are fairly impressive when it comes to mainframes and PCs, and, see my first point,  I am still learning about the iPad.  I am the first to admit that I have a lot to learn.

Sixth, I have said there are things about the iPad that I do like and, that as I learn more, I am liking it more.

Seventh, in my opinion Apple users, be it a Mac or an iPad or whatever, are a very defensive lot.  Why?  I don't know.  I should write a fiction piece about an upcoming war between, not Christians and Muslims, but between PC and Apple users.

Eighth, I am gong back to writing about bars and restaurants and life in general, things that I am less likely to be attacked about.

Ninth, I think Donald Trump is a fool.

Tenth, I hate the Yankees and the Knicks (I used to love the Knicks)  but I  love the Jets and the Twins.  I am totally indifferent about hockey but support the Chivas Mexican football (soccer to us) team.

Eleventh, I now live in Brooklyn but I grew up in Minneapolis so maybe you can understand this (except for the indifference to hockey, the love of the Jets and the support of a Mexican football team).

Twelfth, The iPad still sounds like it should be sold on a shelf next to either the Depends or the sanitary napkins.

Thirteenth, for whomever (Patrick)  said I was technologically challenged, set up your own blog, get your own web address, embed a picture that when you click on it takes you to another website (mine would be fine) and then re-link me to your website. I am sure you can, but I don't think a "technologically challenged" person can.  If you send me your link I will embed it in my blog.

Fourteenth, Can you buy unsanitary napkins?

Fifteenth, How long before Trump demands to see Osama's death certificate?

And that is it.

Or, maybe, not.

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