Thursday, May 05, 2011

Court Street Street Fair

A bit on the slow side in terms of getting my posts posted.  Or maybe just a bit on the slow side.  And I figured I better get something up before I go out to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, a day honoring a relatively trivial victory by the Mexicans over the French in a war they eventually lost.  Interestingly, almost nobody in Mexico celebrates this except for the tourists.  But in the United States we use it as an excuse to slam down shots of tequila and drink Margaritas.'

Bar Man, being a bit perverse, will celebrate by going to Bar Tabac, a French bistro, and having mussels in a white wine sauce accomanied by a glass or two of a French vin blanc.  Then I will come home and make a couple of Margaritas and drink them while watching The Social Network that I just got from Netflix.

You probably didn't know that today is also the National Day of Prayer here in the United States. The law formalizing its annual observance was enacted by Congress in 1952 and it is observed on the first Thursday of May.  So, no, it wasn't established to compete with Cinco de Mayo, it just happens to fall on the same day this year.  Kind of like how the Minnesota Fishing Opener wasn't set to compete with Mother's day, it just seems that it usually falls on the same weekend.  Not this year though.

I bet more people bend their elbow today than bend their knee in prayer.

But I digress.  On to the fair.

It was a nice sunny day last Sunday so people were our enjoying the weather at a number of sidewalk cafes.  Well, more like sitting at tables on the sidewalk in front of bars and restaurants.

Enjoying The Sun After A Rainy Spring

Street fairs are always kind of fun even if they are a bit on the cheesy side with most of the vendors just making the rounds all spring and summer and not really having much to do with the actual fair itself. And this one was largely the same.

You Have Your Games Of Chance

Now maybe it is just me, but it sure looks like people are going out of their way to avoid these games. Especially the one featuring the plush stuffed banannas for prizes. Gosh, who wouldn't want one of those.

Some of the food vendors, though, did look like they were a step up from those trucks selling the generic Italian Sausages and stuff.

Sweets For The Sweet

And Sausages Too

I picked up a couple of spring rolls from this place that was set up in front of their little restaurant.

Spring Rolls In The Springtime

Unfortunately they weren't very good. I ate one and tossed the other.

But the day was saved when I got to:

P.J. Hanley's Tavern

This is a great place that has been around since 1874. A big outdoor eating area that, as you can see, was packed. Normally I would have popped in for a beer but it was way too crowded. Besides, I had just had one at Cody's American Bar and Grill and was sure I would have another when I got to where the Black Coffee Blues Band was playing.

Now these guys had some good grilling going on.

Pig In A Metal Blanket

Either A Lamb Or A Small Dog

Don't get excited, it was a lamb.

These Guys Had A Serious Smoker

And the stuff they were cooking was going as fast as they could get it on the table.

Slim Pickings

I had a little better luck with the sausages, there seemed to be plenty of those available.

Sizzling Good Sausages

I chatted with the guy frying up the sausages and told them they looked really good. He asked me if I wanted a taste and I said "Sure." Well, Who wouldn't?

My Taste

Now you have to admit, that was very generous of him. No need to buy one after that "taste."

Oh, and don't let me forget the thrill rides for the kiddies.

Nothing Like A Good Scream

From here I went to see the Black Coffee Blues Band, which you already know about. I will catch you up on Frankie's 457 next time. But now I am off to Bar Tabac.


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