Saturday, November 06, 2010

Best Bar Contender

Before I continue on about Da Boars, one of the best bars in which I have ever had the pleasure to have a beer or two or three or, well, whose counting, another short rant.

Don't you get a bit tired of the government telling us how to run our personal lives?  Banning McDonalds from putting toys in meals with over 600 calories?  C'mon, give the kids a break.  Shouldn't it be the parents responsibility to say no to their kids once in awhile if they ask for something unhealthy?  Same thing with taxing high-calorie drinks.  But what really roused Bar Man's ire was the New York State Liquor Authority trying to change the law to ban Four Loko, Joose and other heavily caffeinated alcohol beverages.

For those of you who may not know, Four Loko and Joose are malt liquors that run about 12% ABV and come in several fruity flavors in brilliant colors like red and green.

And Blue

They are very sweet and have about the same amount of caffein as two cups of coffee.  This, apparently, is bad because, and I am shocked, people buy this stuff to get drunk and yet stay awake.  Obviously this must be prevented at all costs.

What next, no Irish Coffees on St. Patrick's Day, any other?  Will I have to give up my rum and coke (the kind you drink, not sniff)?  No more Red Bull cocktails?  Are Jello shots to be banned?  Enough already, There are plenty of things for the government to worry about without getting involved with sweet and caffeinated malt liquor.

Okay, back to Da Boars.  Now what makes this such a great bar?  Well, for starters they really know how to throw a party.  Now remember, we left before the Vikings/Packers game even started.  That is because my friends both have jobs and, for some reason, thought showing up for work on Monday tired and hungover wasn't a great idea.  Man, we are really getting old.  I kind of thought that was how you were supposed to show up for work every day.  Maybe a healthy slug of Four Loko or Joose for breakfast would take care of things.

Beer, of course, it all starts with beer.

And There Was Plenty Of Beer

Food, plenty of food also helps.  And all of the food was free.  You certainly can't beat that.

And Not Just Any Food

Not only was the smoker cranked up, there were grills going too.

Just Like Tailgating

Pork Chops On A Stick

And Pizza Too

And bratwursts, nothing goes with beer like brats.

A Brat, A Bar Man, A Beer  - Heavenly

Now I am not sure what Sandy was munching on, but she was obviously impressing, or appalling, the Mysterious Chinese Woman with her gusto.

Go Girl, You Go

Somebody who was famous for his delicious popcorn brought in a bunch of it so there was plenty of free popcorn too.  And chicken wings also popped out.

More Food

Oh, and those "If it were up to the government they would probably be illegal" Jello shots.

The Little Kids Love Them

Those Jello shots kind of remind me of when they pass out your medication in the mental ward.  Not that I would know about that first-hand, of course.

Well, as it turns out, I have a lot more to post about Da Boars but that will have to wait until Monday.  I am getting ready to head to Pennsylvania to visit friends and won't be returning home until then.  I have to head to the liquor store to get the ingredients for my much-in-demand glogg.  My friend Bob wants me to make it after I get to his place so he can see how I do it.  I guess he figures it will be easier to make it himself in the future instead of having me bring it over and then putting up with me.

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