Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Back In Minneapolis

We headed back to Minneapolis on Saturday and stayed at my friends Rico and Sandy's place.  Rico was barbecuing ribs in his style.  I know he smokes them for awhile and grills them at the end to finish them but I am not sure what else he might do inbetween.  Maybe I don't want to know.  But they are delicious.  I think Sandy makes the barbecue sauce.  I know she made the date bread that the Mysterious Chinese Woman loves so much.

On Sunday we headed out for a bit of mischief and made our first stop Floyd's where we had our breakfasts in a glass.

Breakfast Of Champions

Our ultimate destination was Da Boars, but first we had to make a little stop for a couple of beers and a chance for Sandy to fund our day's expedition.

Just Like A Bank

Well, not on this day.  Sandy is a pull-tab maven, or so she says.  And, based upon the times I have been with her, she does win more than she loses.  But, alas, we had no luck today.

And then:

Da Boars

It might not look like much from outside, but this is one kickass place.  And, being that this was game day, they had all kinds of special stuff.  Of course this is Viking country and we were playing their arch-enemies, the hated Green Bay Packers.  There are still mixed emotions about Favre around here.  I should have worn my Jets Favre jersey just to see the reaction.

Obviously Vikings Fans

The first thing I had to do was hit the bathroom.  Hey, I had those beers at the American Legion.

Now, Which Door?

Needless to say, I was a bit intrigued by the poster above the urinals.

Sounds Like A Fun Day

I admit I was a bit intriqued by the Green Bay Cheerleaders! thing.  But that became clear a little bit later in the day.

There was a lot going on here so I will finish up tomorrow.  But I will leave you this picture of the bartender, Shelly who, along with her husband Jeff, owns of the place.

Shelly, Another Beauty With Brains

Had to laugh about the Knicks having to postpone their game last night because when they were cleaning out abestos-related materials (whatever they are) from the attic above the arena, debris of some sort fell through the ceiling onto where they were installing the court.  They were installing the court above the ice (the Rangers play here too).


Betsy said...

Barman -

Normally I'd feel bad that you were in a bar less than five miles from my house and I missed out. However, I made the trip to Green Bay for the game so I'd have missed you anyway. Next year, please email so I can buy you a bloody at Floyd's!!

Bar Man said...

This I will do. Looking forward to it.