Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Random Musings

I haven't seen any figures released for the attendance at the Jets/Giants (or was it Giants/Jets) pre-season game.  I wonder if that is because they were so low?  Can't say for sure, but from watching the game on television and seeing pictures in the newspapers it looked like there were a lot of empty seats.

Brett made a visit to Minneapolis in a private jet painted Vikings purple and gold, so I guess once again he may be un-retiring.  And it seems like only yesterday when he tearfully retired from the Green Bay Packers and professional football.  And then the Jets and professional football.  Gosh, how time does fly.

My hero is the owner of the Oak & Iris Cafe who cancelled his weekly sing-alongs because parents couldn't, or wouldn't, control their children.  He said out-of-control kids danced on tables, broke dishes and pulled bottles out of a refrigerator and threw them on the floor.  Parents, of course, were outraged and one said "To set yourself up as kid-friendly and then be appalled by a normal range of kid behavior seems bizzare to me."  What seems bizzarre to me is what parents now consider to be a normal range of "kid behavior."

With high school graduation rates less than 60% in many states, I am surprised our unemployment rate is as low as it is.  It amazes me that noone seems willing to connect the two.  The United States no longer has many jobs for people with less than a high school education.  And we don't seem to do a very good job of educating our young.

People who continue criticising the building of a "mosque" at "ground zero" have, apparently, never visited downtown Manhattan. The proposed "mosque" is in a run-down area, an area with strip clubs, bars, adult video/bookstores, tacky souvenir shops and vacant buildings, that is two blocks away and cannot even be seen from "ground zero."  Whether you are for or against the building of this Islamic culture center, and, yes, it does contain a mosque, is not the point.  The point is that it is not being built at or across the street from "ground zero."

Given that it is legal in New York for women to go without tops, why don't I see more bare-breasted women?

Why is the legal drinking age in the United States so much higher than anywhere else in the world where drinking is legal?

Tomorrow I will post about my trip to the aquarium in Lisbon.  Did you know that the ocean sunfish is the largest bony fish in the world?

Bigger Than The Sunfish I Used To Catch

And, before everyone jumps on me for "defending" the building of a mosque in downtown Manhattan, read what I wrote more carefully.  You will notice the only thing I did was criticise people for mis-representing where it is being built.  Kind of like when I get upset at my brother-in-law for saying I live in Brooklyn Heights when I actually live a block away in Downtown Brooklyn.

And why do you spell "criticise" with an "s" but "criticized" with a "z".  Or am I confused about this?